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Nine is a recurring character in DOLLCORE. They are the Time Doll and a fragment of the Curator of Dreams.


The Time Doll

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Qamar (presumed)

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Nine is an androgynous person of tall height. They have long, dark greenish hair and a dark complexion. Their clothing is heavily inspired by Indian vestiments.

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Nine is best described as an unenthusiastic and apathetic individual with an extreme case of sleepiness. They dislike being put in situations where they are expected to extert energy and would rather slack off. They lack an understanding of human emotions, although they try to understand them better by meeting different humans with different views.

More notably, Nine is also a very rare case of a Doll who doesn't have any hunger towards human souls, as well as hostility towards humans; they remark that they're too lazy to try and kill one. They have no sense of danger and prone to falling fall asleep in the middle of a dangerous battle. They seem to be somewhat of a pessimist as they can quickly give up on doing something easily if they deem it too difficult.

It is believed that Nine's lethargic demeanor stems from the fact that they had spent over hundreds of years tirelessly searching for the person who dreamt them into existence, but ultimately gave up and developed a pessimistic personality. However, they don't realize they are actually the person they are searching, since they are essentially a regressed form of the Curator of Dreams.

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September 9

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After the Curator of Dreams died, Nine was immediately born after.

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Doll Burst

Nine summons glass stars filled with sand. When they are broken, the sand spreads over the opponent. By doing this, Nine is able to control their time, including reversing, forwarding, or freezing time.

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  • Nine is the last remaining fragment of the Curator of Dreams, who lost her life in the Cataclysm. This means that Nine is the Curator of Dreams reborn.

  • Sand, Nine's key motif, symbolizes loneliness.

  • Additionally, because Nine has never changed hosts, they are the "original" Doll of Time. They are also the only known Doll that never switched their Core to another human.

  • Unlike other Core Dolls, Nine doesn't carry a Doll's Core . This is because they are the "Core" (or a fragment) of the Curator of Night.

  • They are also the only case of a Doll having the ability to sleep.

  • Their hobbies include resting on trees and watching the stars. They don't dislike anything, as long as it doesn't disturb their sleep.


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