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Leo is a main supporting character in DOLLCORE. He is a mute and amnesiac boy who possesses the ability to generate fire from his feet. Before coming to Zenpatlan, he was one of the many human test subjects in the Uproot Project and later escaped after the facility the project was held in was destroyed.


S-130 (experiment name; formerly)

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Unnamed parents (deceased)
Rin Redlock (adoptive sister)
Maza Redlock (adoptive grandfather; deceased)

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Assistant at Redlock Toyshop


Redlock Toyshop





Cause of Death


Voice Actor(s)

Setsuo Ito (JP)
Zach Aguilar (ENG)


Unknown, most likely Kreigspfad

Name Meaning

Leo: meaning “lion”


“It might’ve been just “playing family”. But not for me. From the start, until now.”

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151 cm (4’11”)

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Leo is a short, scrawny boy with pale skin and fluffy, ruffled black hair. He has empty-looking black eyes with crimson accents, and he keeps his hair loose in a clump tied into a small ponytail.

Leo wears a brownish vest, a cream shirt, and a red fabric sash wrapped around his hips. On his shirt, he sports a red tie with a yellow pendant, and the ends of the tie and fabric sash are framed in yellow gold. Under the girdle, Leo wears a pair of dark brown bermuda shorts, given to him by Charlie. Leo wears black wristbands on his forearms and ankles. He is frequently seen barefoot.

fingerprint Nature

In general, Leo appears to be quiet and withdrawn, with a blank expression most of the time. Because he repressed his emotions as a defense mechanism, Leo has difficulty expressing himself. Due to his isolation from society, he has little understanding of normal human interaction and often acts naively. He is illiterate and frequently forgets people's names as a result. On the other hand, those who are dear to him are exempt, as demonstrated by Leo's ability to recall Rin's name in contrast to his peers. Because of trauma surrounding his past, Leo became mute indefinitely. When he wants to talk, he cannot get the words out.

Even though he is distant, Leo is not harsh, and his vacant demeanor is simply a because of memory loss. He is socially inept and has trouble reading the atmosphere; as a result, he lacks friends. He prefers to stay away from crowds and therefore is most comfortable when he is alone. Leo is extremely patient and tolerant and rarely gets angry. He is also noted to be especially caring towards his friends. However, he is prone to being easily fooled and manipulated due to his naivety.

Leo's mentality gradually changes after exposure to the real world. He appears visibly disoriented when shown unconditional love for the first time to point of showing dizziness and nausea. In addition, he is considerably more childlike than he seems and approaches new aspects of his life with childlike curiosity and adopts some infantile behaviors such as stomping his feet when upset, however, they create so much force that they shatter the ground. He also has an enthusiastically insatiable appetite, in which he is visibly excited and drooling over the mere mention of food. He is noted be a shameless glutton; he can devour a full table of food in one minute and keep a poker face after. He is exceptionally talented at playing football and he enjoys it as well.

Over the course of the story, he gradually gains the ability to express his emotions freely and becomes more and more concerned about protecting those he loves. Especially notable is his close relationship with Rin, whom he values as a friend and becomes fiercely protective of. Jackie D. Bones compares their relationship to that of a brother and sister. At one point, Leo starts to regain his memories through dreams and nightmares.

In his past, Leo's identity as Subject-130 was remarkably more expressive. According to Crow, Leo was "an oblivious child who agreed to everything the adults would tell him to do". However, it's implied that Leo himself did not want to do several of the tests but couldn't refuse out of fear. While it's unknown how exactly he lost his memories, it was most likely that his trauma forced him to erase his identity as 130 and repress his memories as a coping mechanism.



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May 4

Background - What is Leo’s background?

Leo's exact origins are unknown. At some point in his life, he was taken from his birth parents and placed in an underground facility. The facility, disguised as an orphanage for children, ran experiments called "Games" in which the children were guided to, such as testing strength, reactionary reflexes and memory. By forcibly bringing the Soul Art out of children, they were later used as candidates for Enforcers. Those who failed the experiments where transported to another level of the facility which focused in making the children into Puppets as a way of disposing them.

The children were not told of these procedures and were brainwashed into believing that the facility was an orphanage called Playground. Most of the children inside the facility were orphans, however, as time went on and results were becoming less effective, the researchers resorted to secretly kidnapping children and executing their parents from the lower level of Kreigspfad. Leo is implied to be from the Lower Sector as an explanation on why he never mentions his birth parents, as they were probably killed in order to erase any traces. Children who grew less ignorant (a.k.a. gaining self-identity) had higher chances at gaining a Soul Art, so the researchers took them away in time before they started gaining awareness, using the term "graduating" in order to appear less suspicious.

While in the facility, Leo, known as No. 130 at the time, was oblivious to the researchers' true motives and was living remarkably happy. When one of his roommates, who was scheduled to "graduate" from the Playground, forgot his toy, Leo followed the researchers into a room where he witnessed his friend being forcibly lobotomized. As a result, Leo, traumatized by the event, began to refuse taking part in the tests and developed a desire to escape.

Unfortunately for Leo, the researchers discovered that his probability for a Soul Art was increasing and soon took him away into a higher level of the facility called the Station. He described the place as being "so dull and trapped that (he) felt himself growing number". Leo resisted the treatments, and he was eventually strapped to machines used to measure his Soul energy. It was also revealed that Crow was in the same facility as Leo but he was placed in a higher level, however, he had some knowledge of Leo's existence and often saw him in the Playground.

He later discovered there were many others subjected to the experiments and had tried to escape previously only to have met with fail, as they were captured and closely monitored by a Puppet named "Mama". According to one of the researchers, each child had a strike. If they were to get 3 strikes, they would be "punished". Leo recounted that every week, there would be a kid being dragged by Mama into a dark room and never seen again.

During his last escapade, Leo managed to slip past Mama, but the latter caught up to him. As he was being dragged, Leo, in a fit of despair and fear, activated his Soul Art, Ignition, and set Mama ablaze. At the same time, an intruder had forced a way into the facility and let off all hostile Dolls, later revealed to be the children who had been transformed. While the researchers were being ravaged, Leo was in the middle of fleeing from a melting and rageful Mama, and when he was caught in a chokehold by her, his Ignition's flames grew stronger as a defense mechanism. He managed to kill her by increasing his flames to the point of burning her to ashes.

At some point, the entire facility was destroyed and Leo was the only one who managed to get out. Because of the intense trauma, Leo lost his memories as 130 and became mute, subsequently making him a blank slate. He then essentially became a wanderer who mindlessly traveled to one town and the next. He was ostracized due to his status as a homeless kid and because of his dirty appearance, causing Leo to avoid populated areas. There would be times where Leo would curiously watch other kids play with all the freedom in the world, however, the kids would berate and chase him out for his seemingly strange behavior.

For the next two years, Leo would then continue living isolated from human society and surviving off of eating insects and bare flesh of animals for a while until a tall, burly man (later revealed to be Maza Redlock) discovered him and fed him proper food. The man then told him to go to Zenpatlan and find a person called Jóse Victoria, gave him a bag full of food and went on his way. Leo, stunned at the man's kindness, obeyed his words and headed towards the city.

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Strength
Leo possesses unnaturally enhanced physical strength as a human. Due to being experimented on, Leo was given tremendous strength, enough to decapitate Dolls with a kick. Because he has no combat experience, Leo relies on brute strength, primarily using his legs as his main weapon to deliver strong kicks.

Enhanced Speed and Stamina
Leo can jump extremely high distances incredibly fast, showing his incredible leg strength. His incredible stamina and endurance allows him to be active very long, exerting himself to his limit.

High Resistance
Due to his accelerated metabolism, Leo has a higher tolerance to such things as drugs and poisons than a normal human, to the point of immunity. He also has a high amount of endurance, remaining calm through dangerous or painful situations, shown when he was able to help Canarie kill the Worm Doll, despite having suffered minor injuries and being extremely weakened due to malnutrition.

Corrosion Immunity
Leo is unaffected to the effects of Corrosion compared to normal humans, as he was able to trespass a portal made of Corrosion without major injuries. He is also capable of dispelling thick fogs of it by using his flames. His immunity stems from being exposed to the aura at an early age, eventually adapting to high levels of Corrosion.


Limiters: A pair of wristbands and leg braces made by Rin Redlock that Leo wears on his forearms and ankles. Their function is to stabilize Leo's flames and make it easier for him way to control them. They can also moderate his flames’ temperature.

Soul Art


Stemming from his subconscious desire for freedom and omnipresent rage, Leo has the ability to ignite, control, and utilize flames from his feet. Despite having no combat experience, Leo eventually learned to use his ability in conjunction with his fighting style, relying on brute strength to deliver fast and strong kicks with his ignited feet. Leo is noted to have an incredible proficiency in his mobility while fighting, as his Ignition Soul Art allows him to use the fire his feet to glide through the air and jump continuously from walls and buildings to outmaneuver an enemy before they can react. Leo eventually learned to manipulate the fire from his feet to change the shape into small wings of fire. His fighting style is based off of soccer kick moves.

Initially, Leo’s psychologically weak state and insecurity made him unable to handle the heat from his flames, resulting in his feet being burnt slightly and coming down with a fever. It has been said that because of his reserved and sealed emotions, Leo’s flames are constantly active and draining his stamina, making him have an extreme appetite.

edit Notes

  • Leo is terrified of lightning and thunderstorms. A thunderstorm scares him enough that his knees give out and Rin has to comfort him.

  • He has a fear of doctors, syringes and large machines.

  • Leo is overwhelmed by large crowds to the point he feels dizzy.

  • According to Rin, his hair feels like soft feathers.

  • His favorite hobbies are birdwatching, climbing large trees, eating. He is also a prodigy at playing football, which he enjoys and says it makes him feel "free as a bird".

  • He tends to eat insects, fried beforehand.

  • He likes people who are comfortable to be around.

  • Despite lacking the ability to formulate sentences for himself, Leo has an amazing understanding of obscure and lengthy conversations.

  • His Ignition ability has a special property which makes it completely harmless to humans and can burn away toxic substances within their bodies.

  • Leo's experiment name, 130, was thought to be a misspelling of his current name due to the child-like way of writing.

  • He shares a close familial bond with Rin Redlock in which he considers her as a maternal figure and follows her around everywhere.

  • Additionally, Rin once remarked that Leo's mentality seems like that of a 5 year old child and thought it might explain his impressionable and naive personality.


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