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Yolotli Graves

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Yolotli Graves is the husband of Alma Graves, father of Andrew Graves and Canarie Graves, and the human friend of the Death Doll. He is one of the last surviving natives of the fallen Tlentonatitlan, having survived after his body and soul were put into a cursed cryogenic state by the Death Doll. After 100,000 years, he would eventually be able to move again, but he was still under the effects of his curse, so he remained immortal.

Seven years before the main story began, he fell into the Void alongside his daughter Canarie, and is currently presumed to be missing and/or deceased.

Age - How old is Yolotli Graves?

35 (mentally and physically)
14 (at time of Tlentonatitlan's destruction)
100,000 (chronologically due to being frozen in time)

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Andrew Graves (Son)
Canarie Graves (Daughter)
Alma Graves (Wife; deceased)
Death Doll (Friend; deceased)

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Slave (formerly)
Doll Hunter (secretly)


His family




Alive (soul inside the pendant of Canarie's necklace)
Deceased (physical body destroyed)



Name Meaning

Yolotli: meaning "heart"

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Yolotli is a calm and level-headed person who is generally laid-back especially with his family members. Despite being kind and polite towards his neighbors, he is often perceived as being slow, offbeat and out of touch with modern things, a trait that his daughter, Canarie, inherited from him. He seems to have an air of free spirit to him, which his wife, Alma, describes as feeling instantly relaxed in his presence.

Like Canarie, Yolotli values family highly. He deeply loves and cares for his family, especially his wife. He makes sure that they are happy and healthy and would do anything to protect them. Despite his lack of experience in childcare, Yolotli proves to be a great father as he is very supportive of their interests and actively participated in their activities. While he is a very relaxed parent, he can be strict about certain things to his children and takes it upon himself to teach them about things that would help them in the future.

Yolotli was not always the free spirit he was in the present. Five hundred years ago, Yolotli was sold by his parents into slavery in order to pay off their debt. In that time, Yolotli appeared to be a very gloomy and depressed boy and endured harsh abuse as a slave. This resulted in him having very little will to live, and thought of his existence as something minimal and not worth considering.

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  • *Slavery in the Aztec Empire was more like contractual indentured servitude. Slave masters were required give their slaves food, water and shelter. People often sold their children into slavery as payment for their debt. However, when slaves had children, the children were not passed down to the master of the slaves but were set free to live their own lives.

  • Furthermore, in this universe, if someone is sold into slavery, they are treated like an object instead of a person and thus, they aren't allowed to buy their freedom unless they do outstanding acts or their master dies. Apart from labor, they are to build their own homes as long as they're built within the master's land.

  • Yolotli’s body was encased by the Death Doll’s time halting smoke. However, his soul was fully conscious and became trapped within his own frozen body. He spent 100,000 years trapped and unable to move.

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