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Host is a recurring character in DOLLCORE. He is the Pestilence Doll, a Doll made by humans in order to host various diseases, hence his name. He formerly resided in an abandoned factory under the supervision of the Janitor.


Pestilence Doll
001 (experiment name)
Neat Freak (by Iris Ziege)

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Unknown (physically 13-15)

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Janitor's apprentice




Deceased (as a human)
Alive (as a Doll)

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Host: literal meaning. He is supposed to be a host (for diseases), so that's what the scientists called him.

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169 cm

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Host is an androgynous and sickly looking young boy with a pale complexion and black messy hair that slightly obscure his eyes. He is relatively of average height and is noted to have an extremely beautiful face, with droopy yellow eyes framed by an array of long eyelashes and reddish sclera around his irises. He also has a mole underneath his left eye and prominent eyebags. His arched back posture suggests he is a very unconfident and timid individual.

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Host is an easily anxious and cowardly boy with an obsession with cleanliness. He is easily frightened and shows traits of paranoia, fear and delusion and is always shown to cry out in fear in threatening situations.

Ironically, he has extreme germaphobia to the point the smallest specks of dirt set him off and is constantly carrying cleaning supplies hidden within him. Emile also hides a more aggressive side due to his obsession with cleaning; he gains a boost of confidence and outwardly berates anyone, human or Doll alike, for their uncleanliness.

As an extreme pessimist, Host has low self-esteem and is constantly bringing himself down even though he is one of the strongest Dolls in the story. He also hates his cowardly nature and thinks of his incompetence as a "virus".

Despite being a Doll, Host is terrified of other Dolls, mostly due to their deformed and disgusting appearances, and is prone to trying to run away from dangerous opponents if he feels threatened enough. He also had some degree of fear of humans as well, although the Janitor's influence on him soon erased this fear.

Even though he's unable to interact normally with others, Host's more positive attributes is his willingness to put away his cowardice and protect those he cares about. His admiration and respect for the Janitor was so great that he was saddened upon learning of his teacher's death. He gets noticeably gloomy when talking about his past and admits to being jealous of humans with healthy bodies.

As a human, Host had a more mellow personality. Due to his weak constitution, Emile always desired a healthy body, so much so that he willingly underwent the experiments if it meant giving him strength. However, one of the procedures backfired, killing Host and transforming him into a Doll.

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September 22

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  • His favorite hobbies consist of cleaning, reading through biology books and cleaning.

  • His type is a person who is good-natured (and hygenic).

  • His real name is unknown.

  • Additionally, the reason why he's called "Host" is because he was supposed to be the "host of all diseases".

  • The only people he trusts enough to touch him are the Janitor, Rin and Leo.


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