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Birdy Rose

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Birdy Rose, real name Marrion Briar, is a character in DOLLCORE. She is a young woman working as a private investigator for Crow. She is the remaining member of the Briar family, a criminal aristocratic clan of assassins.


Marrion Briar (real name)
Marionette of Briar Castle

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Briar family members (deceased)
Unnamed older sister (deceased)
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Crow (employer)

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Fivefold Suns Cavalry
Briar Clan (formerly; estranged)





Cause of Death


Voice Actor(s)

Miyuki Sawashiro (JP)
Jeannie Tirado (ENG)



Name Meaning

Marion: taken from "marionette", though it also means "beloved" or "star of the sea" in French.
Briar: referenced to the pseudonym of the folktale Sleeping Beauty's protagonist, Briar Rose.
Birdy: refers to a little bird and is just a nickname Birdy's sister used to call her with.
Rose: refers to the flower. Is also part of the pseudonym of Sleeping Beauty's Aurora, Briar Rose.

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171 cm (5' 7")

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Birdy is a tall, athletic and beautiful woman with pale skin, light blue eyes and mid-length light blonde hair that reaches to her neck, styled in a bob cut fashion. She almost always has a cold and stoic expression on her face. It’s mentioned by Rin Redlock that Birdy has a slightly muscular figure but looks thinner when dressed. Her beauty is described to be akin to that of a porcelain doll.

Birdy's outfit consists of a black cropped tuxedo jacket with white lining, red lapels and cuffs over a white turtleneck top and a black short high waisted leather skirt with white belts along with black stockings and black lace-up ankle boots with red flaps and white lining. A church symbol is seen on the left side of the jacket’s sleeve, as well as a rose in the chest area. On her hips she has a belt, which she attaches a large chainsaw-like weapon to. Additionally, Birdy wears a red headband and fingerless gloves.

fingerprint Nature

Birdy is a lone wolf in certain ways; she dislikes subjects that bore her and waste her time. She is extremely sharp-tongued and blunt, an instance of which being her introducing herself by expressing her contempt for Canarie and Andrew. In most conversations, she is direct and to the point, and she dislikes unrealistic optimism.

She is a bit arrogant and intimidating, eager to go to any length to get what she wants. She is also very observant, intelligent, and quick-witted while maintaining a consistently calm or apathetic demeanor, since she prefers working alone rather than socializing with her colleagues and constantly focuses on the task at hand.

Birdy believes that anyone can tell her mood just by looking at her, and that any additional effort in expressing her emotions would be a waste of time. As a result, she is perceived to be cold and aloof. Birdy is no stranger to chastisements and acts of violence, and, because of her unique perception of people, she is prepared to execute whomever she judges as a potential threat.

Birdy is brutally pragmatic in battle, preferring to force her enemies off the battlefield to reduce their numbers and eliminate distractions. Birdy's movements are difficult to predict due to her calm and stoic demeanor. When the situation calls for it, she occasionally assumes the role of leadership. She is harsh and impatient with individuals like Iris and Andrew.

Despite the fact that she appears cruel and frigid, Birdy appears to have good intentions. She operates as a watchdog, conducting investigations on questionable individuals and possible dangers. She is very committed to her job as a detective, but her previous past self can occasionally jump out; her job is to view everyone around her as a suspect and use any kinds of dubious methods as a means to reach a conclusion. While she is a bit of a judgmental and cynical realist, Birdy has her moments of sympathy.

Even though she quickly recognized Andrew as a Doll and let him go due to Crow forbidding her from eliminating him, she exhibits no hesitation in slaughtering other Dolls and has no regard or mercy for them, viewing them as nuisances.

In her past, Birdy, at the time Marrion, was similar to her current self because of her upbringing. Marrion was viewed as a "perfect tool" because of her doll-like appearance by her family. She was also forced to take up a role of a "comfort doll", in which she was forbidden from speaking and repressed her emotions, becoming an empty shell. The other members of the family would then express their darkest secrets to her without anyone knowing, earning her the nickname of "Marionette of Briar Castle". She was also a rare case in the family, due to the fact she wasn't inherently psychopathic as most members were. According to Marrion, she, her mother and older sister were only spared from a horrific fate because of her father was fond of their beautiful appearance.

Deep down, Marrion felt sympathy for her other siblings who died from overzealous training and harbored an intense hatred towards her father, the head of the clan, for appearing indifferent over their deaths, regarding them as tools. This hatred only grew stronger after her older sister, who was the only one who treated her as human, was murdered for being too weak willed.

Unbeknownst from her family members, Marrion possessed superhuman strength that contrasted her weak and feeble appearance. Upon learning of the fact that her father was planning on making her another one of his wives, Marrion began to secretly devise a plan to bring down the entire family and be free. After fleeing Kreigspfad, she renamed herself Birdy Rose, a nickname given to her by her older sister. She firmly believes that her comrades should value their lives and of innocents over their missions.

groups Social
group Relationships

Birdy had an unstable relationship with her father. Her father was fond her appearance and spared her from a horrible fate because of it. Birdy was raised by her father to become the Marionette of the Briar family, giving her the name Marrion as to further deepen her role. She was also forced by him to take up a role of a "comfort doll", in which she was forbidden from speaking and repressed her emotions, becoming an empty shell.

Birdy vividly remembers her father as a violent man who personally executed his children if they were viewed as useless. She describes him as a greedy man who used his own children to do his dirty work. In order to survive, Birdy tried everything she could to appease him. After he killed her older sister in front of her and discovering that he was going to make her one of his wives, Birdy killed him and massacred the entire Briar family.

Birdy remembers very little of her mother as she had passed away from health complications when she was at an early age. Like her sister, Birdy inherited her beautiful features from her mother. Despite not having known her for very long, Birdy speaks fondly of her in a sympathetic way, regarding her as one of her father's victims as she was forced to become one of his wives.

Older sister
Birdy was very close to her older sister and felt that she was only the person she could truly be herself with. In their criminal and psychopathic family, the sisters were a rare case in which they didn't inherit any of the cruelty most of the members had. Birdy often defended her sister from the other kids' "pranks" (i.e. putting scorpions in their pillows, dumping pig blood on them, etc.) and felt afraid for her safety. Birdy described her sister as her "strength" and her lifeline. After her sister was killed in front of her, Birdy broke and slaughtered her entire family to avenge her.

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Birthday - When is Birdy Rose’s birthday?

December 25

Background - What is Birdy Rose’s background?

Birdy, born Marrion Briar, is the youngest daughter of the Briar clan, a crime syndicate which ruled over the Slums. Her mother, who described as being extremely beautiful, died soon after she was born due to health complications from childbirth. Growing up, Marrion was isolated from the rest of her family by orders from her father, who favoured Marrion for her beauty and doll-like appearance. Despite her frail and weak image, Marrion possessed immense physical strength from a young age. She watched from afar as her siblings were subjected to extreme physical training. Eventually, her relatives were allowed to be with her but she wasn't allowed to speak to them. However her relatives only used her as a means to vent their darkest secrets and desires without being judged. The only person Marrion had a genuine connection with was her older sister from the same mother. Her sister, who gave her the nickname "Birdy", had a distaste for violence and rejected her family's life of crime. Marrion referred to her sister as "a ray of light shining through the deepest pits of the abyss".

Without her father's knowledge, Marrion secretly trained herself in order to become stronger and to protect herself and her sister. One day, when she was 13, Marrion's sister was murdered in front of her by their father, who told Marrion that her sister was weak-willed and people like that have no place within their family. Enraged, Marrion swore to take down the Briar family and get revenge for her deceased sister. When she was 16, in one of the family's annual reunions, Marrion put a weakening drug in the drink of every single family member (except her father's) and slaughtered them all. She then forced her father to fight her and murdered him. With her revenge fulfilled, Marrion fled from the manor and went with the name "Birdy Rose", as a way to honor her sister's memory.

Two years later, Birdy, now a mercenary, was saved by Crow and Jóse Victoria after she was mortally wounded during a Doll attack. Birdy offered to become a "spy" for them as a way of thanking them for saving her life.

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Strength
Despite having no Soul Art, Birdy possesses immense physical strength greater than that of even her fellow Soul Art Users. Wielding only a chainsaw, Birdy is an effective fighter with astonishing physical abilities.
In fact, Birdy can fight at blinding speeds while carrying around her chainsaw-like weapon, which is estimated to weigh like a large boulder. She can also deal heavy punches to Dolls using her bare fists and physically grab hold of their limbs and rip them off.
Additionally, Birdy is also an impatient but capable teacher. As well as having helped Iris improve her swordsmanship, she also helped Canarie learn to wield her pickaxe better.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes
Birdy is extremely fast and possesses superhuman reflexes, enough for an intelligent Mad Doll to acknowledge her prowess. She is sharp and highly mobile, capable of effortlessly slicing through Dolls with her chainsaw.

Tactical Intellect
Birdy maintains a good grasp on the weaknesses of humans and Dolls like the back of her hand, allowing her to stay one step ahead of her opponent in battle as she can also read other people's moves through subtle actions and personalities.

Zero Soul Art
Although she doesn’t have a Soul Art ability, her physical ability makes up for it. She uses a large chainsaw to slice and cut up her enemies.

edit Notes

  • Birdy's outfit was designed by her. Her chainsaw was designed and given to her by Maza Redlock.

  • Her dislikes include extremely puffy dresses, gossip, and people who talk too much.

  • The only times she's usually seen during daytime are when she's purchasing cigarettes. She's regarded as a regular by the cigarette sellers, who never disclose her location.

  • Her hobby is smoking. Her favorite brand is one called "Lollipop Saw", a reference for one of the inspirations behind her character, Lollipop Chainsaw.

  • As the sole remaining member of the Briar family, she is supposed to have the family's inheritance. However, Birdy wanted nothing to do with it.

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