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Death Doll

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The Death Doll, also known as "Mono", was the creation of Lady Death and Yolotli's plush companion who later turned into a god-like monstrous force of nature that broke the balance of the universe.

His current host is Andrew Graves.


The Forgotten God
The Thing
The Abomination
Unkillable Bastard
The Parasite
The Destructive Side of Nature
Death Incarnate
Mono (by Yolotli Graves)

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Lady Death (creator/mother figure)
Yolotli (friend; deceased)
Koatl (sibling; deceased)

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Assistant of Lady Death (formerly)
Protector of Yolotli's heart and soul (self-proclaimed; formerly)


Lady Death (formerly)


Deceased (original body)
Active (as Andrew Graves)


“Why would you bring me into this world… if you knew I was going to suffer this way?”

face Looks

The Death Doll's original form was of a small whisp/ragdoll-like creature wearing a black hood similar to a Grim Reaper. His design is inspired by a calaverita.

In his monster form, he grows greater in size, his body is made of obsidian but covered by thick clouds of black smoke.

fingerprint Nature

Upon his creation, the Death Doll was described as being naive and easily impressionable. He imitated and mimicked the actions of others, such as Lady Death's unemotional demeanor and the Dollmaker's gentle-hearted nature. He especially had an air of empathy towards living and non-living beings, making him believe something was wrong with him.

Though he was able to feel emotions, the Death Doll was also not very knowleadgable about grief. When the Dollmaker died, the Death Doll was confused upon his feelings of grief, since he thought that Curators, who are immortal beings, don't die. Despite being explained how death comes for immortals as well, the concept of grief was never properly explained to him; due to the fact Lady Death never expressed grief, the Death Doll, who looked up to Lady Death, thought that feeling grief was unnatural and abnormal. This led to him begin viewing "death" as abandonment.

When learning of the fact that he was in reality a failed attempt in creating an emotionless being that would destroy and devour corruptive forces, the Death Doll starts show disdain towards Lady Death, but self-hatred as well. He feared that Lady Death would eventually abandon him because of his "defects"; he started to view feelings such as joy and sadness as useless and wished to erase his emotions so he could become a "perfect being", as he was originally intended to be. The Death Doll desperately wanted to find a sense of purpose and make his existence meaningful. After overhearing other Curators saying how humans could be heartless and cruel beings, he decided to venture into the human world in order to harden his heart.

When he was discovered by Yolotli, he was initially very stern and hostile; however, because of his tiny form, he wasn't successful in intimidating the boy, who thought of his behavior similar to a feral cat. He was given the name Mono, and because he never received a name, the Death Doll grew attached to Yolotli. Mono would watch and be taught more "human" emotions by Yolotli, causing him to become more considerate and sensitive, and eventually began to lose sight of his original goal, which was to harden his heart. However, he also saw the ugly sides of humanity while he lived with Yolotli, such as slaves being abused and sold.

However, his inability to process grief made him excessively concerned of humans' mortality, especially his friend Yolotli's, stemming from his fear of being abandonded. He remembered his goal of erasing his emotions; however, the possibility of his friend dying terrified him more. Mono grew increasingly conflicted with his desire to be a protector of humans or to become the unemotional machine he was made to be.

When Yolotli was falsely accused of treason and brutally executed, Mono’s feelings of protection towards humanity turned into an utter disgust and hatred, not only towards humanity as a whole.

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The Death Doll was created by Lady Death approximately 200,000 years ago. He was an early prototype of a Grim Reaper. He was created using smoke made of obsidian and zenpazuchil flowers, which made him a perfect weapon against Dolls. However, a flaw in his creation made him able to feel emotions, a fact that was kept hidden from him. Additionally, his emotions were accidentally made the source of his power.

The Death Doll's early days were mostly spent accompanying Lady Death in extinguishing traces of Nothing within the Underworld, to which Lady Death took notice of his potentially dangerous abilities.

At some point in time, the Death Doll began to wonder about his existence's meaning as he felt something was wrong with him. After discovering he was a failed prototype of a being who wasn't supposed to feel emotions, the Death Doll wanted to prove that his existence was worth something. He eventually decided to wander into the human world with permission from his creator, who warned him not to get too emotionally attached to humans since they were mortal and to not interfere in their natural lifespans.

When he arrived in the human world, the Death Doll entered a state of slumber, choosing to sleep in a field of zenpazùchil flowers. He would later be found by a young boy and taken to his home. Upon awakening, he immediately became defensive when the boy approached his hand. The boy, named Yolotli, perceived the creature's aggresiveness and backed away. Yolotli calmly and nonchalantly explained that he found him abandoned in a field of flowers and brought him over to his home since he likes to collect "abandoned things", and quickly went to sleep. The Death Doll was confused by Yolotli's apparent nonchalantless at seeing a creature like him. Scanning his surroundings, he saw that Yolotli's home, though well-organized, looked shabby and poor. The Death Doll initially planned to leave him in search of other humans, but upon seeing cry in his sleep, he took pity on Yolotli and decided to stay.

The Death Doll, now nicknamed "Mono" (because of his cute appearance), became Yolotli's companion. He attached himself to Yolotli's waist belt as a plush keychain in order to fool people that he was inanimate. Though some people were weirded out by the strange ragdoll, other people, mostly children, liked to hold and hug him. For some inexplical reason, Mono was able to absorb the negative emotions of people who held him. Mono was also capable of emitting a suffocating aura when people with bad intentions approached Yolotli and they were ultimately scared off.

One day, Mono encountered Yolotli being abused and beaten by his master. Enraged, Mono fatally wounded Yolotli’s master, and viciously haunted him in his dreams. At that moment, Mono remembered his original goal of becoming the emotionless being he was made to be. Regardless, he stayed by Yolotli’s side while he recovered, choosing to become the guardian of Yolotli’s heart and soul.

Some believed him to be a mindless monster who destroyed everything around him, but others who got extremely close in range from him said otherwise, as the Death Doll could immediately sense their presence but would simply leave them instead of killing them outright. In fact, the humans that were killed were part of collateral damage, and the Death Doll never intended to kill them.

In that time he had become so strong and mutated by the corrosive forces he had absorbed that he was unable to regress back into his original form. The more he suffered emotional pain, the stronger he got.

Upon meeting Yolotli again, he asked him what he was. Yolotli, who was enraged over what his friend did, answered that he was nothing but a heartless monster, the Death Doll seemed to take it to heart (literally). The Death Doll then told him he would become exactly as he said, and then put Yolotli into a frozen state by infusing him with his smoke. He placed him somewhere where he wouldn't be harmed, as he had wanted Yolotli to "wake in a world where the skies weren't in despair".

After that, the Death Doll wandered around aimlessly and where he went, destruction followed. He eventually got sick of existing and came to the conclusion that he wasn't meant to exist in the first place. He met Lady Death again and asked her if he really was supposed to exist. When she didn't respond to his question, the Death Doll took it as confirmation and asked her to destroy him.

Even though his physical body was destroyed, the Death Doll's core remained intact. Lady Death took his core and hid it in an unspecified location so no one would be able to resurrect him.

The Death Doll also played a major role in history posthumously, even after 100,000 years. A terrorist group of fanatical believers closely affiliated with the Nothing disease, called the Followers of the Forgotten God, worshipped him as a god of destruction, were hellbent on bringing him back and destroying the world, which is also contrary to what he believed in. They were also the ones responsible for a series of brutal murder-suicides known as the "Patchwork Murders", which were similar to how Yolotli himself has been executed, in order to “trigger” his revival. To do this, the Nothing disease would take control of four separate people and order them to murder and dismember a human infected with the Nothing disease, mostly young teenage boys, and occasionally, young children as they were more susceptible to control. They would each cut off one of their arms and legs and place them next to the torso of the victim. Next, the victim's heart was carved out and the heart of the Doll was placed inside. This was all done while the victim was alive and forced to be aware of what was happening because once the victim was turned into a Doll, the trauma from their deaths would put them into catatonic shock and subsequently leaving them as a blank slate, like a puppet. There has been over 100 cases of Patchwork murder-suicides in the world, the last case being Andrew Graves's murder, who was finally selected as the host for the Death Doll, because he was the son of the Death Doll’s friend and falsely recognized Andrew as him.

The current Death Doll is Andrew Graves. He was chosen as a host because of his connection to Yolotli, the Death Doll's friend. Apparently, Yolotli had a strong influence on the Death Doll's consciousness that was unable to be erased. This also helped Andrew in recognizing his sister when he first awoke as a Doll.

gamepad Abilities

The Death Doll had unique abilities that surprised even the most powerful of Dolls. As a (failed) creation of Lady Death's, the Death Doll has similar abilities to her, such as his ability to "herd" souls and harvest them. He eventually manage to break his connection as Lady Death's creation as an entirely new being that possesses the ability to adapt to anything. He is also unaffected by the Nothing and is the only character in the series who can traverse through it.

The Death Doll's physical body can be destroyed, but his core/heart is indestructible.

The Death Doll gained more power through eating the cores of other Dolls.

Doll Burst

The Death Doll's smoke, in all its power, is shown to be a dangerous ability that only he can control. It is not any normal type of smoke; it has extremely destructive and corrosive properties which could wipe out more than a thousand Dolls and later dissolve them in mere seconds. Fires also increased the Death Doll's smoke destructive power, as not only did it cause powerful explosions but it was powerful enough to slice through even the toughest and hardest materials on a whim.

He also used his smoke to preserve and "delay" death, such as Yolotli, whose body was literally encased with smoke inside. Before killing a Guardian Beast, the Death Doll would unconsciously release smoke which caused every human within the area to become infused with it, putting them into a frozen, catatonic state and prevent any damage from being done to their body, but it would also prevent them from ageing.

The Death Doll eventually managed to upgrade his smoke into being able to take a physical form, transforming it into a variety of weapons; most notably was his signature weapon, a large macahuitl. In fact, the smoke would later become obsidian. The obsidian that dispersed across the earth were the remnants of the Death Doll's macahuitl. He was also able to use his smoke as a separate extension of himself, which would consume the core of a Doll once infused with its corrosive nature.

Upon his "death", the Death Dolls's abilities underwent a massive degradation. He knew that if he was ever to be revived, he would put thousands of lives in danger, so he willingly forced himself to permanently repress his abilities in order to appear less dangerous. However, the process was extremely painful after years of unwillingly evolving.

edit Notes

  • During his time in the human world, in order to not let anyone know of his sentience, he pretended to be a normal, inanimate doll. Some humans found his softness (as a plush) insanely comforting.

  • He was known to have a huge appetite.

  • Andrew Graves's memories merged with the original Death Doll's, which is why he remembered his father's face and the Puppetmaster.

  • While Lady Death is merely an embodiment of the concept of death, the Death Doll essentially embodies the fear of death.

  • Due to the fact he collected the remains of those he killed and incorporated them into his body, other Dolls became terrified at the thought of encountering him.

  • His name, Mono, means “cute” in some Latin countries, stemming from his cute plush appearance (to Yolotli). Mono also means “alone” or “one”. It could also be short for Monophobia, the fear of being alone.

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