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The Multiverse is for all of our universes. It's a single, public index — a starting point, if you will — for the wonderful worlds of it's sci-fi or modern, fantasy or fairy tale, modern or horror, original content or alternate universes — your universe is welcome in the Multiverse. Just make sure it's all filled out and has all kinds of pages to continue getting lost in from the universe's page!

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House of the White Raven close

The Oxyrian Empire was split into three kingdoms a thousand years ago. Now the Queen Sabiya of the kingdom of Dakshin has set eyes to make all three under her rule. Queen Ashling, of the kingdom of Uttara, and King Ilario, of the kingdom of Navin, are making an alliance against her. But not everyone in their kingdoms agrees. There is a legend that says when the Raven Queen arises, the lands will be united. If the whispers that a new Raven Queen has appeared are true, life as they know it will change.