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Description - How would you describe Welven?

The place where all the OS plot takes place, a medieval-fantasy based country ruled by a king. home to mortals, monsters and the gods.

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Origin - How did Welven originate?

A kingdom ruled over by the Azmoria family for all eternity and all eternity to come.

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When the first mortals were drawing their borders, Welven was created by the gods and given to the Azmorias to protect.

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Welven?

Normal like Earth

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Welven?

Gods have magic, mortals do not. Sorcerers do, but different magic than the gods if that makes any sense..?

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Welven?

Little to none. There are some steampunk-industrial areas, but those aren't highly developed.

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terrain Locations close
terrain Mount Karanis After Restoration the home of the gods, newly restored
terrain Gophriel small country village in Southern Welven
terrain East Tully Port village in the Eastern Mountains by the Oaranoe River
terrain Azmorian Library Compound Located under a shipwreck by the Azmorian ocean, a short walk from seaside village Edranan.
terrain Enkarien Picture-perfect town with beautiful flowers, fragrant air and doll-like people
terrain Edranan small village on the ocean, located a few miles from the Azmorian library compound
terrain Trenth village in the foothills of the Eastern Mountains, located near the ruins of Karanis.
terrain Sotria half-slum, half-city. The main powerhouse of the Dwale. A few days ride from the sea
terrain Ruins of Karanis A bunch of crushed rocks and debris in a forest
terrain Mount Karanis Before Destruction Giant, dark mountain that rises above cloud level. At the top is a marble palace with cool waterfalls where the gods live.

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Kirae's Cutlass A simple, run-of-the-mill cutlass picked up from a weapon stall somewhere.
emoji_events Quarien's axes Two deadly broadaxes that are throwable
emoji_events Daralin's bag unsuspecting, black traveling bag with a shoulder strap.
emoji_events Golden Rapier Long, thin, gilded blade with a round stone of iolite embedded into the hilt.
emoji_events Daralin's Broadsword black hilt, black leather scabbard, silver blade that has a black shine, almost like chrome
emoji_events Rasroot extract Normally comes in small, brown glass bottles. Painkillers and anti-depressants, overdose is lethal
emoji_events Daralin's violin Old, worn violin with a lacquered, velvet-lined case.
emoji_events Moon Crown Crown made of twisted black iron, glittering with diamonds, opals and peridots.
emoji_events Sun Crown A golden radiate crown with a bead of iolite embedded into the center. Goes with the golden rapier, made for the sun god.
emoji_events Charvor's Falchion normal steel falchion with a wrapped leather grip.

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