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House of the White Raven

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Three kingdoms, three monarchs, one myth. Uttara in the North, Navin in the West, and Dakshin in the East. The Raven Queen was born in Uttara hundreds of years ago, it is said her descendant will unite the kingdoms.
The ravens have always been white. No one can remember a time when they were black. Yet people still hold to the legend that says they when the Raven Queen arises the birds will turn black again. The girl who claims to be the Raven Queen is a fraud, and the true queen doesn't know. But it all might be in vain if the ambitious young Queen Sabiya, who rules vindictively from the Black Tower in Navin's capitol of Madhya, isn't stopped.

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The land had been one kingdom for thousands of years until King Lietus and Queen Lurra ruled and the land was split between their 3 sons, Uttara, Navin and Dakshin 996 years ago. Each kingdom has its own source of wealth and they seem unwilling to join the land again. There has been peace for 117 years.

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This land has been settled for thousands of years. No one has ever questioned what is beyond the written record.

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Same laws of physics that apply to Earth.

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Some people are born with abilities such as keen awareness of nature used in tracking through the land, telepathy, 20/10 vision.

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Horses, carts, wagons, steel, iron, glass, pottery, gem cutting, wine, brandy, whiskey

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There are old temples and ruins though out the three lands that no one knows what they were. Records are meticulously kept, so it is unusual that there are a number of unknown temple ruins.

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Anthropology in general. Game of Thrones. Robin Hood. Lord of the Rings.

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group Characters close
group Silvius Dadero Head of the Friars of the Daystar
group Queen Ashling Madigan Queen of Uttara
group Queen Margetta Queen of Dakshin
group Rangi Tama Izar's right-hand man
group Bilmund Rayhelm Owner of Rayhelm distillery and Inn
group Prince Tirvan Heir to the throne of Dakshin
group Faryn of Doakly Works for High Prince Daylin in the underground resistance to Queen Sabiya. Is charged to take Lord Drake safely to Friar's Gate.
group Paskal Burdin Head of the Iron Friars
group Tallon Zjarr Command General of the Black Guard in Ataraxia
group High Prince Daylin Bellesa Prince Regent and Lord of Pallavicini
group Queen Sabiya Queen of Navin
group Princess Caitriona Madigan Third in line for the throne of Uttara
group Princess Breanne Madigan Second in line to throne of Uttara
group Prince Paidrag Madigan Heir to the throne of Uttara. Son of Queen Ashling and Lord Viceroy Malachi
group Lord Viceroy Malachi Arrantzale husband of Queen Ashling
group Noorani Bayar Head of the Sisters of Night in Ataraxia
group Jag B'Amder Kiljanese Chief of Tigema’A in the Dry lands, younger brother of Za B'Emdo
group Zha Ba Onuru Kiljanese Heir the throne of the Dry Lands. Princess
group Za B'Emdo Kiljanese King of the Dry Lands
group Koura Teina Warrior. Captain in the revolution against Queen Sabiya.
group King Ilario King of Dakshin
group Izar Zaria Head of Silver Sisterhood
group Lord Drake Bellesa Nephew of High Prince Daylin

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terrain Locations close
terrain Suma Isles The people are called The Ribari. They are semi independent from Uttara, on the condition they provide ships to the navy and a few men to stay in Drake's Landing for upkeep of the ships. They are f...
terrain Dakshin Eastern most Kingdom. The capitol is Marwood on the southwestern border with Navin. Marwood is on the Maarika river delta. The border are the Dakkur Bodden mountains in the east, the bottom of the ...
terrain Navin Western Kingdom, south of Uttara and east of Dakshin. The capitol is Madhya, which was also the capitol when the 3 kingdoms were one. The capitol of Madhya and Madhya Castle sit at the Eastern edge...
terrain Dakkur Bodden Mountains Four sets of peaks are 20,000 ft above sea level and stretch from the White Sea in the north to the Maltan Sea in the south. They separate the lands of Oxyria from the Dry Lands.
terrain Dry Lands The Drylands are east of the Dakkur Bodden mountains. As far as any knows they extend along the Maltan sea until you run out of provisions. They also run the length of the mountains and as of yet, ...
terrain Uttara Northern most kingdom. Rivergarden is the capitol and Rivergarden Castle spans across the top of a 800 ft waterfall in the eastern part of Uttara. Stretches from the Zadari Ocean in the west to th...
terrain Friar's Gate Friar's Gate is a religious settlement and iron mine at the base of the impenetrable Dakkur Bodden mountains. Those who venture beyond it are never heard from again. The friars who live in the Abb...
terrain Dragon Isles Tropical islands in the southern Maltan Sea. 35 miles off the southern coast. The Zaj are mostly autonomous but have maintained a close relationship with Navin for many centuries. Like the Ribari ...
terrain Ataraxia Ataraxia is a religious settlement. This place houses the tombs of the dead cut into the rock of the mountains and the friars and priestesses' who live in the Abby maintain the temple where people ...

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Valor Star Supposed to be King Lietus' crown, but has been lost to the ages. No one has seen it in over three hundred years. Gold crown with three stars carved of ruby set in gold. The top of each star has a ...
emoji_events Soul of the Sea Oxyrian Ring with a large pink pearl in a gold setting with marquee fire pitchstones on either side.
emoji_events Oxyrian crown Queen Sabiya has the crown that can be traced back to King Lietus and Queen Lurra. It is made of gold from Uttara. There are eight 1/2 inch round amber pitchstones, from Dakshin, in the center of e...

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business Buildings close
business Madhya Castle A large imposing stone Keep with five towers. Created over hundreds of years, thought of as the oldest castle in the lands. So many additions it has become a maze, with windows and doors that lead ...
business Baso Irla Palace Castle and seat of government in Marwood for the kingdom of Dakshin.
business Whitehall Castle White granite and limestone castle for the Governor of Pallavicini, currently High Prince Daylin.
business Rivergarden Castle Large stone castle set on the edge of the Uttara Highlands cliff spanning an 800' waterfall.

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bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Rose Pox A highly contagious disease that causes small lesions and constricts the lungs.

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flag Countries close
flag Dakshin This country borders the Mountains to the west and Navin to the East.
flag Navin The southwestern kingdom
flag Uttara Northern most kingdom

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pets Creatures close
pets Imperial Mountain Cat Large carnivorous feline.
pets Oberhasli Goat Small reddish-brown goat with black socks, black spine, black ears.
pets Oberhasli's Shadow Deer Also called Shadow Deer. Black deer with reddish-brown feet, muzzle, belly, and ears.

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ac_unit Deities close
ac_unit Eguzkia God of Daytime, The Sun
ac_unit Gaua Heriotza Goddess of Night and Death
ac_unit Arrain Aita Male diety of the oceans. Represented by sealife.
ac_unit Itsasoko Ama Female diety of the oceans and seas. She is represented by the water and plants that grow there.
ac_unit Izar Eroria Feminine side of shooting stars. She assures us that the night is never completely dark.
ac_unit Burdinaren Izarra Masculine side of shooting stars, represented by the iron cores that fall to earth. Izar Eroria is his twin sister.

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account_balance Governments close
account_balance Democratic Monarchy of Uttara Crown passes to the oldest child or next oldest heir. A high council is appointed by the crown, the low council is elected by the people.
account_balance Patriarchal Monarchy Of Dakshin The title of King is passed down to the oldest son or male heir.

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wc Groups close
wc Sisters of Night Priestess of the Goddess of night and death.
wc Friars of the Falling Star The friars of the Falling Star at Friar's Gate are responsible for the mining and processing of iron. The iron core of the fallen star is considered a part of that God.
wc The Silver Sisterhood The Silver Sisterhood at Friar's Gate is an elite group of priestesses’ who represents the feminine side of the stars, the starlight itself. They serve as mystics and midwives.

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location_on Highland Rim A 3500 ft vertical cliff face that extends 276 miles north/south separating the Uttarian lowlands from the highlands.

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book Lores close
book The Raven Queen Princess Kyra leaves Uttara after being denied the throne as firstborn. Takes all the ravens with her, which are black at the time. When blight, famine, and pestilence set upon the land she returns...

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brightness_7 Religions close
brightness_7 Zerutiarra A pantheon of deities in pairs of male and female where the set rule one aspect of life

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location_city Tigema'A Large agricultural town in the western Dry Lands. One of two main cities.
location_city Mystwood This is a town of artists and craftspeople. Half the town is on Lake Mystwood and half is on the land.
location_city Friar's Gate A religious settlement in the Dakkur Bodden Mountains.
location_city Pallavicini Wealthy coastal city
location_city Marwood Capital City of Dakshin
location_city Rivergarden A large city built on the highland cliffs. The Blushing River flows down and splits many times into canals that flow through the city before reconnecting and flowing over an 800 ft waterfall under ...
location_city Madhya Original Capital when the 3 Kingdoms were united.
location_city Drake's Landing Naval Port of Uttara
location_city Ataraxia Religious settlement in the lower Dokkur Bodden mountains. Home of Friars of the Daystar and the Sisters of Night.

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today Traditions close
today Feast of the River A celebration of water Gods and Goddesses that look after the river and cause rain.

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