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Soul à la City

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A posse of misfits (Sparky, Carol, Atticus, and Bethany Anne) partake in misadventures about the globe. Takes place during the 1990s, with minimal themes of futuristic technology.


Comedy Drama

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Origin - How did Soul à la City originate?

Originated like any other universe would, following the Grand Creation of Everything. Its widespread mysticism distribution is shallow, with a Divine intervention rate of 1 out of 50.

The celestial kingdoms of this particular parallel have been long since abandoned. The fate of the deities themselves is anonymous; only a handful remain, with the majority in concealment on Earth, including Atticus.

History - What is Soul à la City’s history?

  • Similar to our present universe

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Soul à la City?

Identical to similar universes, including U-616.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Soul à la City?

While classical divinities and magic did at one point flourish, they likely died out thousands of years prior to the story.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Soul à la City?

Technical development compared to more sophisticated macrocosms is average. The current timeline schedule suggests that of late 1990s technology.

Systematic travel -- negative
Galactic travel -- negative
Chronotravel -- negative
Abnormalities -- rare

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Soul à la City?

During a stay with my aunt and uncle, my sister and my cousin, and I played with action figures in a room to cure our boredom. This eventually evolved into the fictional universe it is now, known now as Soul à la City.


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This universe contains...
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group Characters close
group Carolyn Queen of Gryphons
group Anthony Dae Depressed writer
group The Horseman of Stories Keeper of Fate
group Deputy Von Braun Police Newbie
group Deputy Pliers Sheriff's Bestie
group Kimiko Walker Bethany Anne's Inhaler
group Sheriff Macaw The Gambling Sheriff
group Claudius Prime Cat-human Kingpin
group Sparky Free Spirited Protagonist
group Malliki Meshkinov Old Soldier Antagonist
group Ken Sparky's Prisoner Friend
group Bethany Anne Walker The Remorseless Gunslinger
group Atticus The Lazy Brute

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