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Ignite The Dawn

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It is a version of Earth that does not rotate, creating two sides, one where it is always night, and one where it is always day.

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The title itself, and a Dystopian unit we did in school.

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group Destry Minor character
group Kian Minor Character
group Guide Zephyr Secondary Character
group Paxton Secondary Character
group Juno Keeperman Main Character
group Falynn Main character

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terrain The Stormrunner’s Alleyway A place where Kian and his group, the Stormrunners, hang out and scale buildings. Falynn also travels through this alleyway to go meet up with Destry and other friends.
terrain Window Tower A huge building with all of its outer walls covered with huge screens. Inside, people operate the Window and decide what things, like events, weather, announcements and news, will be displayed on t...

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emoji_events The Lost Peace Treaty of the War This tattered, yellowed parchment has words written on it in a language most people no longer speak. It is an offering to build bridges between the sides and allow people to roam free - it is an ...

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