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Name - What is this universe's name?


Description - How would you describe Scorpius?

Magical place full of people with powers

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Origin - How did Scorpius originate?

This Universe was believed have been created with one of the stars from the Scorpio consultation.

History - What is Scorpius’s history?

Thanks to how people believe this universe was made they named it Scorpius in honor of the consultation. This world started off with dragons, witches, and wizard's but as time went by they became more modern with phones and cars. Their is still Magic in the universe but their are laws that keeps people from using magic for the wrong reasons.

gavel Systems
Magic System - What is the magic system like in Scorpius?

Their are three main types of magic.
1. Demon Magic
2. Angle Magic
3. Hybrid Magic

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Scorpius?

The level of technology is the same as the modern world.

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Scorpius?

My Zodiac sign was a big inspiration, also reading fanfiction and watching anime.

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