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The Sanguine Sovereign

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A revamped continued RP between my best friend and I D^

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Dark Fantasy

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My name is Zackary Novelle Williams. I am one hundred and twenty-four years old. I am a Half-Breed Dark Demon.
I have been trusted by my boss to write a comprehensive story as to what brought us all here into this universe together. If you are reading this, my boss must have left it for you, or perhaps you found it on your own volition.
For me personally, it started in the country of Irina, where I am from. I come from a family of Dark Demons, where my mother was a Dark Demoness and my father was Human. We were brutally attacked, where my house had been burned down and I lost my mother and my brother.
I lived in an orphanage north of Isla and I escaped when I was closer to thirteen. I was lost and hungry, and I was led to a home in the forest, where a woman named Xanthe adopted me. She lived with her boyfriend Cameron, and where I lived with them until I left for college.
My college years are vague and the usual student stories. There I developed my Demonic features such as my teeth and wings, though. I graduated with an education in Psychology. I worked as an assistant/receptionist to an office until I was approached by a man calling himself my brother.
This man was exceptionally young with a knack of getting frustrated easily. He lived with me in my apartment for a while.

A few years into my career as a therapist, Xanthe introduced me into M, apparently a childhood friend of hers a long time ago. He was an experienced detective who had been working longer than her, and they just happened to meet as they both were in the same area.
This is around the same time Neo was getting a rise in fame for being an influencer who happened to be associated with the king. No one really worried about it– and honestly it's embarrassing to see that we didn't see the warning signs then.
A while into my acquaintance with M, I had dropped my job due to my intelligence keeping job assigned to me by the Gods. I know I say that casually, but it honestly isn't much of a big deal. I liked learning and traveling more than anything else, so the Gods simply answered my prayers for a better, more filling job. They were quiet with me after they gave me the opportunity, in fact it was scary how silent they were towards me. Based on the research I did, Gods were quite active in their Researchers' careers. I brushed that off for years.

Flash forward and I learn of Neo getting married to Charles. Xanthe worked under M, and she and Cameron had split apart for some reason. Cameron was living with me around this time, and it was when I approached M asking if I could work as his assistant. Something felt off to me about Neo's marriage. The more I looked into him, the more I steadily saw that Neo was nothing like his twin, as he allowed us to believe.
Xanthe was infatuated with him, though. It was hard for me to reach through her for information, so I took it upon myself to… find out for myself. M accepted my suggestion to be his assistant, and I was always curious as to if he knew of my intentions. That man probably knew me more than I knew myself.
I watched Neo a lot without him realizing it. In break rooms, on the television, and I even took it upon myself to look into his old scandals when he was incredibly small as a celebrity. He had several allegations that weren't true, of course, of domestic abuse and fiscally taking advantage of people. But suddenly the charges were dropped before they went to trial. In his day to day life, I could just tell how he thought he was over everyone, despite just being the king's husband. He took everything upon himself as if he couldn't trust another soul to do if for him.
I never really understood why, there was no explanation putting it together for me, until I learned about his magic. I overheard M explaining it-- Neo had the ability to destroy people's core memories and thoughts and take it for his own. I thought M being the strongest Mind Reader was impressive; M being able to take down physical magic with just a drop of his own, just a little bit of effort in order to completely read someone in less than thirty seconds. The idea that a Mind Reader could possibly have the ability to destroy thoughts and memories was disturbing to me the more I considered it. Everyone was always afraid of Mind Readers knowing, but no one ever considered the fact that they might be able to take away.
It intrigued me. I allowed myself to get more interested to the point where it was definitely being picked up by the others around me. I studied his actions, as much of his thoughts as I could attempt to pick up through his spoken word, and among other things.
It was at this point where I started to try and reason with Xanthe to possibly stop relying so much on her "childhood best friend" as well as with other friends like M and Cameron.
Suddenly, though, with no warning, a few years had passed with my constant attention, and Xanthe had suddenly passed away. It was shortly after Neo's husband had passed away as well, so Neo really was taking a beating emotionally. So people thought at least. Neo hadn't been expected to be watched so closely. While I think I showed obvious signs, Neo was too busy getting his hands dirty in the meddlings of other people (that I albeit didn't see, but I'm quite confident now that he was the cause for all of these deaths one way or another), I had kept my eyes on him as if it was my job to monitor him. Some may think it's fan behavior, but I just wanted to keep my friends safe from someone who I was now convinced to be a scary, dangerous man.
Two weeks later, Metaphorical Whembrooke was found with his head and most of his brain blown off. It was ruled a suicide due to him always having a handgun, how incredibly drunk he was, and his weakened mental state due to the passing of his friend, who hated him (as far as I knew; they got into a huge fight a week prior to his death and never made up. I only heard snippets of it and didn't see Xanthe after the fight, so I assumed it was bad). In his office he had written a note for me earlier that day to make this recap. He knew something was wrong. He had listened to me but didn't share his thoughts with me at all when I had brought up my concerns to him. It meant a lot, but I was not able to convince him enough that his twin was only out for blood and power.

I'm not sure what is going to happen next. I just returned to a letter in the mail that my roommate, Cameron, passed away in battle or war [dried tears soaked the next portion of the journal, smudging the ink. The rest of the journal is in incomprehensible Demonic language, and several of the pages are ripped out, apparently in a struggle].

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Mean man says you have to do things after he kills his friends and family to get power.

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