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Not the best place to live right now, due to Ravenna. Otherwise, it would be okay, if you like living off the land and whatnot.

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Current year 1483.

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About the same as in the late middle ages/the renaissance.

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Same as ours, except where magic breaks these boundaries

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There are two: elemental and "standard". Elemental magic can only be wielded by the elemental of that element, e.g. the fire elemental can wield fire, water elemental water, and so forth. There are 7 elements in total, with four being the most common: fire, air, earth, and water. The other three elements are light, magic, and shadow. There is only one elemental of each element at a time.
"Standard" magic is just that. Standard magic. Witches, wizards, sorcerers and sorceresses, shamans, magicians. It can involve potions, spells, anything and everything, and is a very versatile thing. The only thing you can't harness with standard magic? A pure element. Only those of elemental magic can harness the pure element, creating and commanding it, and then only one element.

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terrain Locations close
terrain Jilea A medium-sized country, with a good number of cities, and innumerable towns.
terrain Elemental complex/compound The complex is mostly just one giant building, though it could also be described as multiple buildings linked together.
terrain Darvi The capital city of Jilea (J-eye-lee), it is large, sprawling, located on a large river that leads to the sea.
terrain Tower of the Water Element Stone Tower, connected to a second tower, that of Fire, by a medium sized building
terrain Tower of the Fire Element A tower, built of stone, connected to a second tower, that of Water, by a medium sized building. Located on a mountain.
terrain Tower of the Air Element A stone tower connected by a medium sized building to a second tower, that of Earth.
terrain Tower of the Earth Element A stone tower connected by a medium sized building to a second tower, that of Air.
terrain Toathe A small town on the coast, located 34 miles from the prison.
terrain Prison A large building, located against a cliff. Some of the cells and corridors are even excavated from the cliff.
terrain Rebellion Camp The rebellion camp is located in a grassy area behind/near Askar Murfi's home. It is made of tents in slightly haphazard lines. There are woods and a stream nearby.
terrain Ravenna's Stronghold; The Cursed Tower; The stronghold is a large tower whose construction was never fully completed, leaving the top unfinished, with only boards for a roof. The lower portion bulges, becoming a more castle-like structur...
terrain Thieves Camp A camp located in a clearing in the forest, with a fire in the center and tents around the edges under the trees, leaving a middle ring clear.

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Ravenna's Weaponry The staff is made of a dark wood, reinforced with black metal that laces through it. It is nearly indestructible, and is topped by a small, dark gem. The sword is made of a darker metal, and, like ...
emoji_events The Death Flower An ancient-looking wooden ship, captained by Shania Twain, that disappears at sunrise.
emoji_events Vorun A large. rather plain battleaxe, though the axehead has decorations in the form of swirling lines carved into it. The staff part is wood reinforced with metal, and the handle is bound in leather.
emoji_events Storybook A medium sized book, with slightly ragged, well-worn pages. Decorated with beautiful illustrations. There is some water damage to the pages, but overall it is well taken care of.
emoji_events Thae's necklace A silver necklace with a crescent moon pendant
emoji_events Elemental necklaces There are six, one for each element, though all but the wind necklace have been lost. They would each reflect, at any given moment, their corresponding element. With the wind necklace, the clouds/s...
emoji_events Book of Elements A thick book, with slightly ragged pages. It has a dark grey cover, with the colors of the six elements swirled in the center (Water: Blue Earth: Brown Fire: Red Air: Silver Light: Gold Magic: Deep...
emoji_events Varis Varis is a sword, decorated sparsely, with a silver crossguard inlaid with a single grey-blue gem in the center.

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