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Dragon Universe

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Full of Dragons, Wyverns, and Humans, complete with racial prejudices!

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Dragons have innate magical abilities, pure Humans have no magical capabilities from birth, meaning that magic requires great amounts of study.

Two forms of magic, Bending and Animus. Bending controls the 4 elements and their permutations (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, etc.), and can be taught/learned through intense study. Having draconic parentage or some magic artifact would help immensely. Animus magic is more common among Humans, and it follows standard schools of magic (evocation, enchantment, abjuration, divination, conjuration, necromancy, illusion, transmutation). Humans have an easier time learning it, and having non-humanoid parentage will still help. You can have one or the other, but never both. After a purge many thousands of years ago, almost no one human or dragon has magic save for a select few.

Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Dragon Universe?

Physics works like it does in the real world, except people can lift far heavier objects than in the real-world (People who train enough can have a common max bench of 400 lbs). They can also take more punishment than usual, but they're nowhere near invincible. Armor keeps getting tougher and weapons keep getting stronger (and bigger).

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Dragon Universe?

Technology level of Monster Hunter/more advanced D&D Homebrew (Bowguns, sandships, actual ships, trains, planes, and automobiles on par with post-WWI). Most of that technology is found within human settlements and empires, with more advanced technology being found closer and closer towards the capital of the Empire of Prominence, Mordaria.

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Two major events so far:

Magical Purge (name pending): Nearly all magic users in the entire world were wiped outing a collaborative effort between a man and a dragon that found a magical artifact that was designed to destroy all magic from a person down to the genetic code that made them predisposed to having it. Using the artifact and a whole cabal of anti-magical racists, they took over the human kingdom, destroyed all forms of learning dedicated to magic, and killed every magic user in a near-worldwide massacre. Thus, that person became the progenitor of the Empire of Prominence and the dragon who used the artifact became the first Wyvern.

The Great Wyvern War: The humans began hunting wyverns because they were easier to kill than dragons and didn't have any sort of pesky political structure that got in the way. wyverns were seen more as animals than as actual "people," so humans used wyvern materials to advance their own technology to the point where overhunting was common. At some point, the wyverns rallied behind a single, unknown leader and began regularly attacking human settlements. Humans and wyverns began fighting, and then both parties started minor skirmishes with dragons. The story revolves around Yamatsukami, a half-dragon half-human man, finding out about this and realizing that a war between all three factions might end up destroying the world, and so he sets off to try and stop it. He has no idea how he plans on doing this, but he'll at least give it the old college try, right?

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This universe contains...
9 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Percival Wiergils Sister to Main Villain
group Galahad Wiergils Antagonist
group Guinevere Mother to Main Character
group Aqua Supporting protagonist
group Sulaiman Main character
group Sharla Holt Kaiser Supporting character
group Gawain Father to Main Character
group Nadine Mentor to Main Character
group Arthur J. Gelder Serial Killer / Hitman

7 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Shiara Desert Vast sea of sand near the equator.
terrain The Forge Located in the caverns under the steppe, modern shop surrounded by stone.
terrain The Caravan A massive boat/trade guild that cruises through the Shiara Desert
terrain The Hoard Located under the mountain where Yamatsukami grew up, an ever-growing area with all of the weapons that he has either made, stolen, or both.
terrain Mordaria Capital city of the Prominence Empire.
terrain Bahron The largest city outside of the Prominence Empire, colonized in the Shiara Desert.
terrain Death Mountain Mountain home of Gawain and Guinevere.

20 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Half Dome Two massive shields meant primarily for defense.
emoji_events Monadnock A simultaneously simple yet intricate weapon, made from Damascus steel
emoji_events Olympus Wheel A magically-enchanted wheel that was a Mother's Day gift.
emoji_events Kilahuea A gunpowder-charged pile bunker. Can bring down castle walls.
emoji_events Ignis and Agni Two large firearms modeled after human pistols, meant for much larger targets.
emoji_events Dragoon Lance A massive, ancient weapon from a time long since past when humans and dragons worked together to fight wyverns.
emoji_events Gae Bolg A polearm meant for Sharla
emoji_events Grimoire A firearm enchanted to shoot blasts of magic. Spinning the barrel can cause it to have a different effect.
emoji_events Ferrenom Made from a mysterious black metal that retains a form of sentience (?)
emoji_events Gangster's Rifle Bolt-action sniper rifle, swiped off of a gangster outside a bar.
emoji_events Stingshot Hunting slingshot meant for hunting Wyverns and other large creatures
emoji_events Mattermunchers Bear trap gauntlets with buzz-saws
emoji_events Typhoon Blade .45 caliber pistol with a combat knife attached to the muzzle, shoots pressurized water blasts.
emoji_events Powder Horn Made from a standard bull's horn, it was enchanted to hold an infinite amount of gunpowder.
emoji_events Dragon Sledge Massive sledge with 3-pounder cannon built into the handle
emoji_events Lightning Odachi Made from wyvern parts that imbue it with lightning.
emoji_events Drake Cannon A massive firearm meant for taking on wyverns and dragons alike.
emoji_events Monteverde A lance and shield built into one convenient package, made from Boromandur parts
emoji_events Rockrender Gauntlets Stone Gauntlets made from the same Basalt-Obsidian mix has the head of the Dragon Sledge.
emoji_events Queen's Venom A massive, poisonous sword made of wyvern parts

1 condition reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Flame Sac-itis (placeholder) Inflammation of a dragon's flame sac

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work Jobs close
work Monster Hunter Hunting dragons and wyverns for profit.

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flash_on Magics close
flash_on Bending The ability to control one of the four elements.
flash_on Animus One of the two main types of magic.

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face Races close
face Half-Dragon The rare progeny of both humans and dragons.

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