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Apotheosis (Triology; Book I)

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“You think that's bad? Watch this:”

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Sci-fi Horror/Realistic Fiction

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A universe. TBD.

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Just like the real world. No one really knows how they got there, or how things started, and if they did, the only people who know how this whole thing originated keep it locked in files. Top secret. Only the most elite share this information.

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Levels of technology are highly advanced, more so than they have ever been. Prosthetics are basically works of art, functioning like a normal human limb would, they still haven't gotten the skin-like part down and they run into trouble at times, but they're working on it.
The world, specifically certain organizations have small projects they're working on, each one contributing to certain aspects of life. These projects are never devolved to the public, but they're there, and until they perfect it, they'll remain a secret. Some of them may never make it out to the general public.

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the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax.

Watercolor “Blue Spring” Art by:

Ko Byung Jun, a Korean artist born in 1981. His paintings are not in the conventional sense. Their uncommon and exceptional representation is what drives people to his art.

“I want to get out of the classic style of painting. Through watercolor techniques highlighting unrefined drawing and coincidence, I try to express my anxious and lonely emotions,” says Ko Byung. The artist communicates the loneliness and dread of modern people through his portraits, which are considered images of himself.

(Information sourced from Magzoid Magazine)

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group Sienna Amaru Satori
group Jenestder Marne Glynn Leader Strategist One of the main cast of kids
group Chernobyl Melanie Lovette
group Xiomara Alderage
group Marcus Teague Main Character
group Leilani Zhào Glynn
group Vincent Tovis Glynn
group Aristide Knox Satori
group Darius Rohan Satori
group Rae Dasolis Ayton Road Captain One of the main cast of kids
group Niveus Callite Sylvian Bounty Hunter One of the main cast of kids
group Blake Neve Colburn Experiment Surgeon One of the main casts of kids
group Andre Damian Jaxxson "I can make your death look like an accident."
group Aaron Lunde Calvert "Don't play games with me. Don't ever, ever think you're capable of that."
group Jake Grey Satori “I am someone who did not die when I should have died.”

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local_movies Admission to Psych
local_movies The Letters Aristide shows Jake a box of all the letters he thought he had sent to his mother. In reality, the letters were never sent, it was to give Jake a false sense of hope until he was old enough to hand...

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