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For Eternity

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A fantasy story.
[My main universe]

For Eternity is about the crew of The Seraph and the adventures they have!

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High fantasy

group Characters
Main Characters

The Seraph Crew

(The primary group the story will follow)

Lumianne Vürilde

  • A Glacio Faerie and main character

  • The story mostly focuses on her and her journey

  • Lumianne starts off trying to kill Leone, then becomes one of his closest friends

  • Lumianne has a rivalry with Baako but they become friends (still rivals in a way)

  • Lumianne immediately forms a friendship with Janaina and Yuto

Leone Saldarotto

  • A human, with a Lumen bow who was raised in a family of hunters and soldiers

  • His journey is that of self-discovery

  • He makes friends with Baako and Yuto easily

  • Leone has a minor conflict with Janaina at first but they eventually become much closer after she saves his life

Baako Antwi

  • A Fotia Faerie and the only son of the Seraph's captain.

  • He starts off as not liking Lumianne but eventually warms up to her

  • His relationship with his father (the captain) is complicated but they still care for each other

Janaia Chu'Vesaia

  • An Elf who uses Nero magic that comes from a long line of mages

  • She is a friend of Lumianne and close friends with Baako

  • Her friendship with Leone has a rough start, but they get much closer in the long run


  • An Aero Faerie who showed up seemingly out of nowhere but made friends because of his charming personality

  • Yuto's just friends with everyone

  • He really is that guy

Osei Antwi

  • A Fotia Faerie who is the captain of The Seraph

  • He is also Baako's father

  • Just like Baako, he didn't trust Lumianne at first, but he also didn't trust Leone either

  • Osei has some unresolved prejudice against humans


Major Antagonists

Aeliena Iliosa

  • A Lumen Faerie and the queen of Luximia

  • She protects her country but through immoral methods

  • Aeliena is a tyrant hiding in plain sight, under the guise of a """democratic""" country

Nikolaus Valinde

  • A Botanos Elf and the leader of a small group of botanos mages

  • He starts off as a fairly harmless scientist and develops into a plant controlling antagonist

Minor Antagonists

Kalikhae Mo'rae

  • A human that wields a Lumen scythe.

  • She is Luximia's judge and executioner cause no one could stop her

Side Characters

Love Interests

Ilya Zhukov

  • Ilya is a Medicus Cleric and the love interest to Yuto

  • Yuto and Ilya go from unlikely friends to boyfriends, yes

Iris Ilios

  • Iris is a minor antagonist, and the younger sister to Aeliena Iliosa, who goes through a redemption arc

  • While redeeming herself, she and Lumianne fall in love

  • Your classic enemies to friends to lovers but with two pretty faerie women or something

Family Characters

(Family members to some of the main characters)


Natasha Vürilde

  • Lumianne's mother, who is dead

Finn Vürilde

  • Lumianne's father, who is dead


Alexander Saldarotto

  • Leone's brother, who is an important side character and is reoccurring.

Regina Saldarotto

  • Leone's mother who he has a complicated relationship with


Extra Characters


  • A Terra Faerie who shows up a few times for important plot stuff

  • She's married and happy :)

import_contacts Plot
date_range History
Origin - How did For Eternity originate?

This universe was born from my mind I guess.

History - What is For Eternity’s history?

The planet; Ethera was created by an all powerful being called The Dyad

gavel Systems
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in For Eternity?

The laws of physics function the same except for some magic exceptions.

Winged creatures, magic and souls.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in For Eternity?

The magic system in Ethera is called the way of the Anima.
It involves using your very soul as a source of elemental power.

No one knows exactly what Anima is, but it as been described as an incredible source of energy and it feels like electricity when used.

Anima can have 1 of the 7 Natural elements as default:

Null is the state of having no element and being neutral. Humans have a null Anima but there are very few cases where a human was born with a natural element.

These seven are known as the natural elements as they are the elements that run through the planet, in the nature and in the lives of all living creatures.
Although, people are naturally prejudice towards Glacio because it is seen as an unecessary branch of the water element. A mistake even.
Most don't even consider Glacio an element.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in For Eternity?

Dieselpunk + Magic.
A mixture of both old early 1900s technology with the magic of this world.

edit Notes
Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for For Eternity?

The Last Airbender, Genshin Impact, anything leather, Steampunk, Clock punk and Art nouveau.

Culture and Aesthetics

  • The regions and continents reflect real world culture.

  • The fashion has a lot of cultural influence depending on the regions.

  • The current time period of Ethera is inspired by 1910s aesthetics and technology.

  • Ethera has a lot of Latin and Greek inspired words.


  • The continent of Cascata has references to Polynesian and Brazilian culture.

  • The continent of Uttakaze has references to Japanese, Filipino and Indian culture.

  • The continent of Solis Ortus has references to Greek, Nigerian and Egyptian culture.

  • The continent of Talvinia has references to Finnish, Dutch and Russian culture.

  • The continent of Vestensart has references to German, Spanish and French culture.



This universe contains...
21 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Ailä Myr'Sä Side Character and adoptive mother of Lumianne
group Mairao Be'Nao Eccentric Mentor
group Janaia Chu'Vesaia Protagonist
group Iris Ilios Luximian Princess & Minor Antagonist (Redeemed to be anti-hero)
group Leone Saldarotto Main Protagonist 2
group Adella
group Kalikhae Mo'rae Minor Antagonist and Rival
group N/A Placeholder
group Lumianne Vürilde Main Protagonist
group Aeliena Iliosa Major Antagonist
group Ilya Zhukov Supporting Protagonist
group Nikolaus Valinde Secondary Antagonist
group Regina Saldarotto Mother of Alex and Leone
group Alexander Saldarotto Side Character and Leone's older brother
group Yuto Side Character
group Yiro Kazama The Aero King
group Baako Antwi Protagonist
group Osei Antwi The Paladin
group Adeola Ina Leader
group Finn Vürilde Lumi's father
group Natasha Vürilde Lumi's mother

5 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Vasila's Temple The location of the great primordial lumen dragon Vasila. His home is a marble temple with tall pillars surrounded by grassland
terrain Morrigan's Cave The location of the great primordial glacio dragon Morrigan. Her cave is covered in ice and she is extremely aggressive and territorial.
terrain The Great Talvinia Forest The largest forest in Ethera located in the north of Talvinia.
terrain Saldarotto Mansion The generational home of the Saldarotto family.
terrain The Vürilde Noble House This is a large manor with 30 acres of forest surrounding it. The Hiltunen Noble House is in the North of [[Town-18035]] and is very well know amongst the town people.

5 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Glacio Axes A pair of tomahawks with glacio ruins encrusted into the base of the handles and [[Language-22608]] signs embeded into the blade.
emoji_events Lumen bow and arrow A magic bow enchanted with [[Magic-28310]] magic.
emoji_events Aero Shakuhachi An artifact claimed by the Followers of the Seven
emoji_events Hoarfrost Noble Sword A sword passed down from generation to generation in the Vürilde family.
emoji_events Isfjord Glacio Spear A tall Glacio spear that draws power from the user's soul. This spears were standard issue weapons given to Isfjord soldiers and also used by a few warrior guilds in Talvinia.

1 building reorder
business Buildings close
business Luximian Palace A glistening palace with crystals built into the outside walls

2 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Anima Overload When a caster has too much anima. Too much for their biological body to handle, causing them to drop dead.
bubble_chart Anima Burnout This is when too much anima is used for magic that it causes the victim to fall into a state of being both dead and alive. This can permanent depending on how much anima was lost.

5 continents reorder
explore Continents close
explore Solis Ortus Solis Ortus is right at the center and just on top of the Etheran equator.
explore Talvinia A snowy, mountanous tundra located in the North west of Ethera.
explore Uttakaze Mountanous in the north, flat land every where else
explore Cascata A land with many bodies of water.
explore Vestensart A land fool of many rich jungles and teeming with plant and animal life.

13 countries reorder
flag Countries close
flag Isfjord A freezing cold foresty place.
flag Luximia A rich and beautiful country with one of the most powerful kingdoms on [[Planet-6160]].
flag Ember Hot desert and rainforesty area
flag Stark A country with a lot of mountains but a lot of flat land with good soil.
flag Ilhagua Ilhagua is one of the 3 main islands in [[Continent-2408]].
flag Geiru One of the countries in [[Continent-2407]] Geiru is a windy country with a lot of canyons and hilly land.
flag Eklisse A smaller region on the outskirts of Luximia.
flag Blumera A country with a lot of forests, grasslands and nice lakes.
flag Vaay
flag Laya Hilaya
flag Bescherleide Island in Talvinia and the location to the new kingdom ruled by a young faerie Prince.
flag Han-Alma The third main island in Cascata and home to the Medicus College
flag Joyema A small country south of Stark that is known for it's crystals and mining.

2 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Sonaren Aquatic creatures that use the power of song to paralyze sailors.
pets Dragon A scaly winged creature.

2 deities reorder
ac_unit Deities close
ac_unit The Dyad The Dyad are a single being shared by two consciousnesses - Efy - Ema
ac_unit The Seven angels Ethera's Angels each represent one of the 7 natural elements

1 flora reorder
eco Floras close
eco Hoarfrost flower A white flower covered in frost that has magical attributes

3 governments reorder
account_balance Governments close
account_balance Emberien Monarchy A monarchy
account_balance Isfjordan Meritocracy
account_balance The Luximian Monarchy Ruled by royal fairies that come from or are related to the royal Luximian bloodline.

6 groups reorder
wc Groups close
wc The Seraph Crew
wc The Naturalis Magicae Union A union created to protect natural magic users and guilds like: - Mage's Guild - Alchemist's Guild - Cleric's guild
wc Alchemist's Guild A guild of alchemists that study alchemy as a discipline which combines natural science and magic. Alchemists typically use potions and runes.
wc Alchemists of Terra A subgroup of the Alchemist's Guild that focus on Terra based alchemy: - Herb alchemy - Crystal alchemy
wc Alchemists of Nero A subgroup of the Alchemist's Guild that focus on Nero based alchemy: - Potions - Elixirs
wc Mage's Guild A guild of mages and magicborne people that channel the power of the natural elements through wands and staffs.

3 jobs reorder
work Jobs close
work Alchemist
work Cleric
work Mage Mages use elemental magic to help there party members.

1 landmark reorder
location_on Landmarks close
location_on Mouth of Fotia A volcano and the location of Harik, the primordial dragon of Fotia.

8 magics reorder
flash_on Magics close
flash_on Medicus Simplified, it could be described as healing but truly it is the magic of sacrifice. Sacrificing part of your anima for another vessel to use.
flash_on Botanos Plant and nature based magic. This is a rare man made type of magic used by spiritually connecting one's Anima with the plant life around it.
flash_on Glacio Being able to create and use ice
flash_on Lumen Being able to manipulate light
flash_on Aero The wind element
flash_on Terra Earth/Nature elemental magic
flash_on Nero Elemental magic
flash_on Fotia Fotia is the fire element of Ethera.

1 planet reorder
public Planets close
public Ethera Ethera is a planet divided by years of war and conflict. But now, they're in a new age of peace.

5 races reorder
face Races close
face Sentinel An ancient race of giants made out of metal and flesh.
face Angel Powerful and tall creatures of light that serve The Seed.
face Faerie The Faerie are humanoid winged creatures. They are said to be the descendents of angels.
face Elf Elf adapt to any environment they're in, as well as the natural elements associated with that environment. It is why they are so efficient in magic. No one knows exactly why this is so, but some ...
face Humans Humans are an intelligent race yet significantly weaker than the other races in magic and general physical strength. Of course, there are exceptions.

3 religions reorder
brightness_7 Religions close
brightness_7 Followers of the Seven A religion dedicated to worshiping one or more of the 7 angels.
brightness_7 Agnostic "Someone who does not know, or believes that it is impossible to know, if a god exists" -
brightness_7 Children of the Dyad Monotheistic

1 scene reorder
local_movies Scenes close
local_movies Isfjordan Executions A lot of noble families get executed and killed. Specifically, the noble families that were involved in the previous war. Lumianne's parents were one of them.

3 towns reorder
location_city Towns close
location_city Niakos The hometown of the Saldarotto family.
location_city Umbero A town in [[Character-1118874]]
location_city Taïga A small quiet town trying to rebuild from the ruins of war.

3 vehicles reorder
drive_eta Vehicles close
drive_eta Gyro A motorcycle powered by magic.
drive_eta Carriage Ethera's main vehicle
drive_eta The Seraph Bediako's airship and the main setting of For Eternity.

2 timelines reorder
timeline Timelines close
timeline Main Timeline This is when the main story takes place
timeline Origins The story of the Seed and how they made the 6 angels

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