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The Known Clocktwister Universe is the main universe into which most of Tide’s characters fit. All characters in this universe are eligible for interaction with entities such as the Clocktwisters, the Noanimal, the Skulls of the Black Fog, and more.
Some notable storylines taking place inside of the Known Clocktwister Universe are...
- Captured RP and its remake
- DaisyClan RP
- Wings of the Horizon RP
- The Great Pepperoni Of Doom RP
- Team Tourmaline’s storyline and my official Moon storyline
- Official roleplays on profiles of and messages to friends

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The Known Clocktwister Universe is the original universe which most other universes are based on. It originated the same way that reality’s universe originated and is heavily based on it, even containing our own planet Earth as a main participant of its events.

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There is one main system of magical powers called Nora; it is something that is genetic and contained in the blood. Nora is scattered throughout existence and anything from syntheroqs to orizores to cats to hair lice can be born with it, although it is most commonly passed from parent to child. Nora can be passed from one character to another through cell implants, though none know this and it has only happened once over the course of the storyline. Characters with Nora can sense Nora in others, though they do not always know where exactly it is coming from.

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This universe contains...
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group Clikor (Species) (WIP) Dominant species of Destrumes, along with the Volcanum
group Monyi Havits Clikorian Inventor
group Aberforth (WIP) Snow Tribe Leader
group Acacia Earth Tribe Fighter
group Dark (WIP, because I don’t have the heart to fix this masterpiece) Wind Tribe Fighter/Ghosty Boi
group Sound (under reconstruction) Water Tribe Fighter/Ghosty Boi
group Tinybones Mysterious Overseer
group Soul Extradimensional Voice
group Myst Horizon Warrior
group Night Clocktwister
group Spirit Clocktwister
group Dey Clocktwister
group Shade Kekeron escapee

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terrain Armor Corp (Organization) (WIP) (description in progress, some of the sentences are wonky and I need to fix them) The Armor Corporation, also shortened to Armor Corp, is a corporation in Alola dedicated to genetically modifyin...
terrain The Havits House The Havits’ house, home to Monyi, Rino, and Lime Havits, along with their parents, is away from the main village of Radusville, all the way up on the paths of the volcano the village is set on. It’...
terrain Team Tourmaline (Organization) Team Tourmaline is an organization which is primarily located in the Akala region of Alola, specifically in the urban areas of Konikoni City. Created as a safe haven for Pokémon who felt themselves...
terrain Water Tribe Territory Water Tribe is one of the two original tribes, the other being Forest Tribe. As such, it has the most generally experienced residents; fighters of Water Tribe usually come out victorious over their...
terrain Outer Space It’s outer space. I’d describe it for you, but... hmm, I think you know what it’s like.
terrain Oladuwun Oladuwun is a tribal world whose technology is barely beyond that of the primitive age. Despite the residents’ lack of knowledge, they are very friendly to each other and to strangers. They have an...
terrain Bulletin Boards Although not actually called “bulletin boards” by Orbus’ inhabitants, that is the most accurate description of them, as they are three wooden posts with writing and drawings on them depicting the C...
terrain Orbus Orbus is a “shadow” dimension of real places; it shifts and changes to match its current location at the time. It is filled with a foggy mist and everything reflected from the real world into it is...

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emoji_events Badgershine’s Flower Badgershine’s flower was given to her by her younger sister, Duskcloud. Even after death and after her sister turned against her, she still cherishes the flower as a fond memory of the past. The fl...
emoji_events Kekeron shock collar To keep the scientists’ subjects in check, each animal in Kekeron has been suited with a unique shock collar unable to be removed by regular means. These shock collars have the ability to, as said ...
emoji_events Night’s Leaf Brace Night’s leaf brace is a brace for her mangled left wing which keeps it safe from the wind and other elements so it can heal under safe conditions. It was built by her friend Myst.
emoji_events Spirit’s Orb and Orb Harness Spirit’s Orb is an orb partially phasing into Spirit’s heart, which accounts for a heart injury she had and keeps her alive and her heart beating. It is kept on by a metal, armor-like harness which...
emoji_events Spirit's Fedora Spirit's Fedora is a regular fedora, which fits over her head with holes for her ears. It's decently worn, but still held together strong. She's apparently had it for a while.
emoji_events Monyi’s Backpack Monyi’s backpack is a cyan blue backpack that he often carries his stuff in. Unlike his goggles, it’s only fitted for Clikor, and a Volcanum wouldn’t be able to wear it except as neckwear. It has s...
emoji_events Myst’s Lizard Tail Pouch Myst’s Lizard Tail Pouch is the hollowed out tail of a purple-striped skink, used to store small items and food by its owner. There is a short vine harness attached to its front end which it allows...
emoji_events Myst’s Spike Collar Myst’s Spike Collar is a black stem looped around itself to fit around a bat’s neck, specifically that of Myst. It was originally fitted for her brother, Koli, but later adjusted. It has fuzzy pape...

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