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Description - How would you describe Tuneless?

Creativity is Banned

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Origin - How did Tuneless originate?

I was chillin' and suddenly I had a Thought. This is that Thought.

History - What is Tuneless’s history?

Many years ago, the governing powers banned all creative expression. Now most people are just lacking in creativity, and free thought is wayyy forbidden.
but some people still create, and because there is so little creation everywhere else the few creators who do create have great power.

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Tuneless?

Just like ours, except when a powerful Artist uses their powers, then anything can happen.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Tuneless?

not much magic is left in this place. The remaining magic is in the blood of Artists, special people who can manipulate the world through their creative expressions. A powerful Artist can change the appearance or even alter the shape of a thing with their Art. Singing, painting, Playing instruments, sketching, weaving, any form of art can have power. But some Artists don't even realize it, and can be found through their reckless use of magic.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Tuneless?

like modern times; cell phones, Bluetooth, etc.

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Tuneless?

a book I glimpsed through called Shadowshapers, A Brief History of the Future by Starset, my talented artist sister and my own love for singing.


dont mind the picture, I just picked a random one from my gallery.

This universe contains...
3 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Rio Protagonist
group Juniper Leafling that one youngster-mastermind who learned too much for her own good. (for amnesiac, she falls both into the "quiet mastermind" and "occasionally sage" roles)
group Florence Protagonist

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