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Creatures called Supernaturals or Inhumans have inhabited the world ever since its birth. People with second sight called Clairvoyant can see these creatures compared to normal humans, who live in bliss. Demons, who are a type of supernatural, had been thriving in the human world until these clairvoyants learned how to defeat evil. These Clairvoyant keep the balance between good and evil at an equilibrium. Other than demons, there are other Inhumans. Most of them never pose a threat and are on good terms with humans. Some might get corrupted by darkness or demons and some might hate humans or be hostile.

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Urban fantasy

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There is a separate history with major events aligning with normal history. Major world history is generally the same, but tiny events only known to inhumans. Some people were different races then perceived (Ex: Stalin being half-demon)

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This story takes place on earth, so physics are the exact same as we experience today.

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Refer to the document name Magic System (Document is under rewrite; do not refer to it)

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This story takes place on earth, so the technological advances are the exact same as we have today.

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Twisted Truths:

The book is called Twisted Truths

Theme: Good vs Evil- There must be a balance between good and evil or else there will be chaos and destruction

I am planning a sequel with the kids

Other stories are short stories to relieve the craving for more stories in the universe

  • Break of silence (Deals with Julian Rowlands family back in 1770's London. It deals with their influence among witches and species unity)

"The angles do this just to spite us. Do not worry, though you don't have an ounce of ichor in your veins. A change in your visual cortex is the reason you have clairvoyance. You are NOT supposed to see our world! You new breed of Humans is a mistake, an error, but that doesn't make you any less fragile!"- Demon on The Clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant are usually mistakenly diagnosed with Schizophrenia and hallucinations by doctors

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Shadowhunters and Supernatural. A tiny bit from Christanity

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This universe contains...
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group Characters close
group Nathaniel Nightseeker + The main villain of the story; traitor to the Bureau and Heaven + King of Hell + Demon of wrath
group Amity Sagewillow She is the deputy A field agent
group Isen Novack Nurse/ Julian’s apprentice
group Jaxon Ashvale He supports Gwen but also opposes some of her decisions. He is also her mentor and love interest. Besides Gwen, he has an arc of his own and the realization of things that hold him back.
group Gwendolyn Everclear She introduces us to the world and the side non-clairvoyant people do not see
group Seth Blacklace
group Eris Rowan + The snarky second lieutenant
group Alaska Rhodes + Bane's lieutenant
group Ira + Creator of angels and Heaven + To get murdered by his brother
group Julian Rowland + Head medical professional at the bureau
group Haiti + Creator of demons and Hell + First king + Gets the entire ball rolling by killing Ira
group Andrea Runeshade Gives us some insight into the villains' operation
group Malak + He gives visions and warnings to Julian about Nathaniel + Angel of knowledge + Co-supervisor of heaven
group James Blackwood Founder of the bureau and one of the first to call himself a Clairvoyant
group Valerian Havenfrost He is the best friend to Jaxon and is a close friend of Gwen
group Nikolas He is the demon of Torture and commander of the third legion of hell. He is also Ender’s lover
group Holly Blueripple She is a therapist
group Ender Nathaniel’s lieutenant, second to the king, Ender is the demon in charge of the first legion. He is a war general and plans most of the wars and sieges. Ender encourages lust and war among humans. ...
group Dominic Ashvale Director
group Bane Malice + Head of security + A reminder not all deemed evil is actually evil

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terrain Locations close
terrain Heaven A realm of paradise created by Ira. It has a light blue sky with fluffy clouds. Everything is lush, the grass so green and trees full of life. Home to angels and its wonderful architecture. Its big...
terrain Hell A realm of death created by Haiti. It has a black sky with red clouds. Everything has a burnt appearance (All the trees and grass and other stuff). Home to demons. It’s made of 5 rings. There is a ...
terrain Blackwood Bureau This place is home to those who defend the human population from supernatural threats. Agents train here to take care of supernatural disturbances. Security joins the agents on missions and de...

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account_balance Governments close
account_balance Monarchy of Hell This government works on a monarchical system with limited judicial and legislative hold. It also operates a limited social structure like the caste system

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