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Tear of Eternity

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A magical world filled with betrayals and beauty

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“There was once an old world before ours. It created more and more for his world, creatures and plants, terrains and weather. But as he created more and more he became older and older and soon he would be near death with no one to pass his work onto and all his work would die with him. so he started to Create another world that could look after his work after he was gone, he created her from parts of him self and the animals who heard of his dilemma and wanted to help. She was finished minutes before he died but before he did he gave her the the name Ginestia meaning saving angle and she is our world now."

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Tear of Eternity?

Graverty existeds like in most planets but Anita graverty generators have been created and are some times the use of these range from a fun day out to can we lift a hole country?
Those who can fly are proven to have at least a little bit of magic with helps them lift off and fly, landing on the other hand is an advechure.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Tear of Eternity?

the tech is not very advanced and the style of the people is undefinable to any time period on earth.

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Tear of Eternity?

There is lots of magic here and most peopl depend on it almost to much. If magic disappeared I don’t know what they would do.

There is magic but those who are gifted with it are rare and very powerful but magical creatures such as wear wolfs are “infected” with magic, this sort of magic when bad a long time ago but those with can be kind but more prone to angry out bursts a and more susceptible to evil.

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Wear wolf

trisdeamay sell shots of happiness or other emotions you want to feel

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terrain Locations close
terrain Assassins Palace It is the home of Demerie, the king assassin, and the young assassins in training. It is on the outskirts of the city and is a big mansion. It is made of white marble and styled to look slytly Gree...
terrain Rebels base It is a mansion in the middle of nowhere. It’s white brick is covered with ivy and flowering vines. The flower from its vines is seen as a symbol of refuge in the rebel community. There are many ...
terrain Riverways house It’s in a nice part of the city by a river surrounded by oak trees. It’s not far from the center of town, you can get there by a ten minute walk.
terrain Calioco Beach a secretive cove on the western coast of Thera often used by smugglers and pirates to get goods into the country and/or take a rest from being constantly chased by the law.
terrain Bubbles and Flames It is a small shop run by Malakai, it is in the nicer part of town and is doing very well. The outside is white with blue detailing and the shop name.

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emoji_events Ring of Forgery When you speak the ring’s command word the silver seal moulds itselfbto duplicate a seal from a ring or other object that is closest to it within 3 meters.
emoji_events Cheruran Collar The collars are for possibly violent and dangerous animals kept as pets. the key feature of the collar id that the have an enchanted crystal embedded in the centre above the animals neck. them crys...
emoji_events Floima baskets The baskets are made to hold merine flowers, which glow, as a natural light source for houses. They hang from ceiling or are placed don the floor, the shape and colour depends on personnel preferen...
emoji_events Liber-Adducere. A social wand given to the librarians of Scriebo, the biggest library in Toria. When the total of the book is said the wand will summon it, which means the book comes flying through the library to ...
emoji_events Shadow fire The potion is like liquid fire but dark and stratified in the it moves. It looks like a shadow as crawls along the ground so it can sneak up on people unexpectedly and cause immense pain, at beat l...
emoji_events Serareyes rugs The rug is a symbol of welcoming, if it is not there when you walk in it is considered an offence although this is only in Torian culture and they often have to be forcibly reminded that is not th...
emoji_events The pendant of the sun It is a golden locket inscribed with the words always follow the light in old torian. The pendant it shaped like a hexagon and hangs of a fine gold chain.
emoji_events Shadow Song. The sword has an elegant platinum handle designed to look like twirling vines. The bale is made of shadow steel, basically it has been in chanted to be very light, almost like you can’t feel feel i...
emoji_events Lux's guitar It is an acoustic guitar painted with ivy and flowers by Neshu.

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