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Name - What is Liber-Adducere.’s full name?


Item Type - What type of item is Liber-Adducere.?

Job tool.

Description - Describe Liber-Adducere..

A social wand given to the librarians of Scriebo, the biggest library in Toria. When the total of the book is said the wand will summon it, which means the book comes flying through the library to the person with the wand.

redeem Looks
Materials - What is Liber-Adducere. made out of?

Willow wood and gryphon fethers, in the core.

Weight - How much does Liber-Adducere. weigh?

500g on average.

book History
Year it was made - When was Liber-Adducere. made?

The first one was made in the 122nd year of the Cala period.

flash_on Abilities
Magical effects - What kind of magic does Liber-Adducere. possess?

It summons a book when the book’s title name is said.

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