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Name - What is Rebels base’s full name?

Rebels base

Type - What type of location is Rebels base?


Description - Describe Rebels base.

It is a mansion in the middle of nowhere. It’s white brick is covered with ivy and flowering vines. The flower from its vines is seen as a symbol of refuge in the rebel community.
There are many widows that let in a lot of light. They are rimed with black which adds a more edgy vibe and a sense of a troubled past owner.

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Motto - What is Rebels base’s motto?

For the country we rise.

Sports - What sports are played in Rebels base?


Laws - What are the laws in Rebels base?

Betrayal is punishable by death or as seen fit.
Crimes will be punished as seen fit.
All those who can help are expected to contribute.
Basic laws.

Currency - What currencies are used in Rebels base?

It is not in the Business of becoming a small back market but will by stuff with torian currency.

Population - What is Rebels base’s population?

It depends on how many rebels are there at the time and how many are out on a mission.

Language - What languages are spoken in Rebels base?


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Area - What kind of area is Rebels base in?

near the middle in the north side of Toria, where it is surrounded by forests and hills the nearest village is 30 miles away.

Climate - What is the climate like in Rebels base?

Normal weather seasons but they get very extreem in summer and winter.

Located at - Where is Rebels base located?

The middle of nowhere. In the north side of Toria.

Crops - What crops does Rebels base produce?

The gardens produce many vegetable and an assortment of fruits but they get most of they’re food from hunting or the nearest village.

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Notable Wars - What notable wars has Rebels base been involved in?

No wars though it is the base of a potential war.

Established Year - When was Rebels base established?

341st year of the Cala period.

Founding Story - How was Rebels base founded?

It was founded by Duke Hecuba Wolfrain as a summer house for his family.

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