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Name - What is Shadow Song.’s full name?

Shadow Song.

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Description - Describe Shadow Song..

The sword has an elegant platinum handle designed to look like twirling vines. The bale is made of shadow steel, basically it has been in chanted to be very light, almost like you can’t feel feel it, like a shadow. A side effect of the spell is that it casts a untatural shadow on those with shadowed hearts. Hence the name.

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Materials - What is Shadow Song. made out of?

Shadow steel, casts an unnatural shadow on those who have shadowed hearts. Platinum.

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Year it was made - When was Shadow Song. made?

110th year of the calla period.

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Magical effects - What kind of magic does Shadow Song. possess?

The spell cast on the sword makes it as light as a shadow, but a side affect of the spell is that it castes an unnatural shadow on those with shadowed hearts. This means that it will cast a shadow on those struggling with things like depression or anxiety and things like that.

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