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Name - What is Floima baskets’s full name?

Floima baskets

Item Type - What type of item is Floima baskets?

Plant holder

Description - Describe Floima baskets.

The baskets are made to hold merine flowers, which glow, as a natural light source for houses. They hang from ceiling or are placed don the floor, the shape and colour depends on personnel preference as dose the design and pattern adorning it.

redeem Looks
Materials - What is Floima baskets made out of?

Changes from basket to basket but they all have a flower in them.

Weight - How much does Floima baskets weigh?

Again depends.

book History
Year it was made - When was Floima baskets made?

No one really knows when the first one was made but is estimated to be at least 1000 years ago most likely more.

flash_on Abilities
Magical effects - What kind of magic does Floima baskets possess?

they are enchanted to withstand the heat of the flowers they carry and not to let to much light out.

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