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Name - What is Draco Wolfrain’s full name?

Draco Wolfrain

Role - What is Draco Wolfrain’s role in your story?

Rovazuna’s trainer.

Other names - What other aliases does Draco Wolfrain go by?

Just don't its a bad idea.

Gender - What is Draco Wolfrain’s gender?


Age - How old is Draco Wolfrain?


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Eye Color - What is Draco Wolfrain’s eye color?


Race - What is Draco Wolfrain’s race?


Skin Tone

he has tan skin that looks like that he's outside a lot

Body Type

He has the typical knights body, slim waist and broad shoulders.

Weight - How much does Draco Wolfrain weigh?

why would I know this.

Height - How tall is Draco Wolfrain?

2.7 meters tall he is a little a bone average for his race.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Draco Wolfrain have?

He has big white wings, like seriously how dose he keep them so white. He's like a dove!

Hair Color - What color is Draco Wolfrain’s hair?

platinum blond.

Hair Style - How does Draco Wolfrain style their hair?

He keeps his hair long and ties it at the back of his head in a low ponytail or bun.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Draco Wolfrain have?


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Prejudices - What prejudices does Draco Wolfrain have?

he hates the fact that people can't express themselves for who they are or they get judged by people or they're just disappointed bu what they find isn't what they expect.

Personality type - What personality type is Draco Wolfrain?

He's a bit of a loner but thats because he's not very committable around other people. and struggles to make normal conversation. he dose have few friends but usually keeps to himself. he likes to train a lot when he feeling in an especially bad mood.
when you get to know him you realise theres much more to him than meats the eye and can honestly be really funny at times.He is a bit of a philosopher and you can get into the best debates with him if you can keep it going long enough.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Draco Wolfrain have?

He likes to think about big questions and write down ideas about the world he has. He also likes to read non fiction books to increase his knowledge and because he genuinely enjoys them. He also likes to practice the guitar because he's not very good at it but will be soon if he keeps it up, or so he says.

Talents - What talents does Draco Wolfrain have?

He is very good at debating and you really should not get into a debate with him unless you know what you're doing.
He is a natural when it comes to sword play and hand to hand combat and magic, he's really good at magic.

Flaws - What flaws does Draco Wolfrain have?

He really can't talk to new people without having at least one awkward silence. Its a problem. He also is very suspicious when it comes to strangers and that leads to him having very few friends.

Motivations - What motivates Draco Wolfrain most?

He is motivated by the ones he loves and won't do something unless he has their consultation first. He loves his family and would do anything for them, loved ones count as family.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Draco Wolfrain have?

When he's uncomfortable in social situation he starts to tap his feet on the ground to alleviate one of the stress. He will speak sometimes like he is thinking aloud and will speak slowly when trying to work something out.

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Favorite color - What is Draco Wolfrain’s favorite color?


Religion - What religion does Draco Wolfrain practice?


Politics - What politics does Draco Wolfrain have?

Whats politics? There is a king or Queen and they rule the country.

Occupation - What is Draco Wolfrain’s occupation?

leader of the rebellion.

Favorite food - What is Draco Wolfrain’s favorite food?

Tuna pasta

Favorite possession - What is Draco Wolfrain’s favorite possession?

A book called debates and theology by Martin Halpin its basically the fin er points of debates and theology and he finds it fascinating every time he reads it.

Favorite weapon - What is Draco Wolfrain’s favorite weapon?

sword but fists are more satisfying.

Favorite animal - What is Draco Wolfrain’s favorite animal?


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Education - What is Draco Wolfrain’s level of education?

He had top level eduction and is very smart in the things he likes.

Birthday - When is Draco Wolfrain’s birthday?

January 21st

Background - What is Draco Wolfrain’s background?

He used to be the hare to one of the high lords of the country but he didn't like the way it was ruled and decided to take action against the ruler.

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Pets - What pets does Draco Wolfrain have?

He owns a cat with manly black fur but the cat has a White right, front foot. Her eyes are the amber colour that you associate with sneaky and devious cats and indeed she lives up to this reputation. Some of her more devious skeems is hiding birds behind the sofa until some one notices (we counted 30 last time) and siting on top of important documents that you really need to get done. Her name is olive.

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