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Name - What is Dominic Santana’s full name?

Dominic Santana

Role - What is Dominic Santana’s role in your story?

husband of Callie Santana

Other names - What other aliases does Dominic Santana go by?

Mr Dominic Santana

Gender - What is Dominic Santana’s gender?


Age - How old is Dominic Santana?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Dominic Santana’s eye color?

Golden brown.

Race - What is Dominic Santana’s race?


Skin Tone

Tan he's outside a lot and rough skin because he has been against the elements.

Body Type


Weight - How much does Dominic Santana weigh?


Height - How tall is Dominic Santana?

1.8 meters tall

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Dominic Santana have?

He has a tattoo of a eagle on his left for arm.

Hair Color - What color is Dominic Santana’s hair?

Black with quite a few grey streaks running through it.

Hair Style - How does Dominic Santana style their hair?

He has it cropped short with not much length and it honestly looks like he cuts it with a knife.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Dominic Santana have?

He has a beard that is not like one of those hippy beards but short and close to the skin.

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Prejudices - What prejudices does Dominic Santana have?

Don"t hurt his wife, just don't it's a really bad idea.

Personality type - What personality type is Dominic Santana?

He is very protective of his wife and would do anything for her. He is very pashonet about his work ands loves to see peoples reactions when they see a piece of work he's done that they love and have to bye. He is a really nice man when you get to know him and is very happy to talk a bout his work.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Dominic Santana have?

He loves to carve and sometimes likes to hike or wander through the country side.

Talents - What talents does Dominic Santana have?

He is an excellent carver and create beautiful works of art.

Flaws - What flaws does Dominic Santana have?

He can sometimes get to court up in his his work and forget vital things like eating and sleeping and drinking though some beautiful carvings come of it.
At even a mention of his wife being threatened he can become overly protective and this can be quite a wild impression.

Motivations - What motivates Dominic Santana most?

He loves his wife and would do anything for her. No one hurts her.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Dominic Santana have?

He often often sits In thought, thinking about a new carving, and taps his finger on his knees or on the nearest surface.

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Favorite color - What is Dominic Santana’s favorite color?

Moss green

Religion - What religion does Dominic Santana practice?


Politics - What politics does Dominic Santana have?

Really docent year along as he can cary on doing his job and there are no obvious faults.

Occupation - What is Dominic Santana’s occupation?


Favorite food - What is Dominic Santana’s favorite food?

steak and spring potatoes.

Favorite possession - What is Dominic Santana’s favorite possession?

his carving knife that has helped him create some of his most beautiful pieces.

Favorite weapon - What is Dominic Santana’s favorite weapon?

He's not the fighting type but Carys a small danger around for emergencies.

Favorite animal - What is Dominic Santana’s favorite animal?

wood pecker.

info History
Education - What is Dominic Santana’s level of education?

He can read and write and do basic maths with he needs for his job.

Birthday - When is Dominic Santana’s birthday?

November 12th

Background - What is Dominic Santana’s background?

He has always lived in his village and moved to the capital to grow his business and met his wife there where she worked as a maid for the palace.

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