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Name - What is Malakai Parsons’s full name?

Malakai Parsons

Role - What is Malakai Parsons’s role in your story?

Friend of Rovazuna.

Other names - What other aliases does Malakai Parsons go by?

His friends call him Mal.

Gender - What is Malakai Parsons’s gender?


Age - How old is Malakai Parsons?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Malakai Parsons’s eye color?

Cornflower blue.

Race - What is Malakai Parsons’s race?


Skin Tone

Warm Sienna - medium with strong yellow undertones

Body Type

Rectangular - his hips and shoulders are the same width and he has no waist and he is quite skinny.

Weight - How much does Malakai Parsons weigh?

:| Eh.

Height - How tall is Malakai Parsons?

1.7 meters.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Malakai Parsons have?

He looks like he went to a good university and he likes to dress in a sensible practical, but stylish, way. and is always carrying some sort of bag carrying essentials.

Hair Color - What color is Malakai Parsons’s hair?

Champagne brown.

Hair Style - How does Malakai Parsons style their hair?

He has it parted sightly to the middle and flattened down and looks like he went to oxford. It is curly.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Malakai Parsons have?

He has a little stubble sometimes.

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Prejudices - What prejudices does Malakai Parsons have?

He hates racism and when people are manipulated into doing things they don't want to do or changed to become a person they weren't because of other peoples power over them, basically manipulation.

Personality type - What personality type is Malakai Parsons?

He is sensible and could be described as the mum friend, he is often the one keep ing Neshu and Lux from killing each other. He has some self esteem issues but is getting over them with help from his friends. He likes to be prepared and doesn't like to be un prepared.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Malakai Parsons have?

He likes to work with wax, such as making candles and bars of soap. His favourite part of the proses is making the different sents to go in them.

Talents - What talents does Malakai Parsons have?

He has a talent for finding out which sent is the most popular and with one people will like best and creating rear, exotic and enticing smells (and gossip).
He is also an amazing sales person.

Flaws - What flaws does Malakai Parsons have?

He can sometimes can sometimes get to protective of his friends and will try and stop them from doing safe, slightly dangerous things.
He is bit of a hoarder he will keep a lot of things just because he thinks they might be useful in the future. He won't let himself get a day off sometimes he works so hard that he will burn himself out.

Motivations - What motivates Malakai Parsons most?

He wants to be able to help others start a business doing something they love, instead of doing something they were forced into. He loves his friends he would do anything for them. (Even if they can be bit annoying.)

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Malakai Parsons have?

He likes everything neat and where you can see it so you can often see him adjusting something unconsciously or tidying a messy table or space. He can sometimes be so silent people forget he's there and they spill info they shouldn't, he always remembers it. He will hum to himself when doing chores and the others find it sweet.

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Favorite color - What is Malakai Parsons’s favorite color?

Emerald green and silver put together.

Religion - What religion does Malakai Parsons practice?


Politics - What politics does Malakai Parsons have?

He will follow the laws of a country and its rulers if they are fair mead benefit both parties.

Occupation - What is Malakai Parsons’s occupation?

Shop owner.

Favorite food - What is Malakai Parsons’s favorite food?

chicken soup/broth.

Favorite weapon - What is Malakai Parsons’s favorite weapon?

His fists but he carries a dagger with him.

Favorite animal - What is Malakai Parsons’s favorite animal?


info History
Education - What is Malakai Parsons’s level of education?

He went to school

Birthday - When is Malakai Parsons’s birthday?

March 30th

Background - What is Malakai Parsons’s background?

He had abusive parents when he finally got read of them he got his first job at the assassins keep thats how he met Rovazuna.

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Pets - What pets does Malakai Parsons have?

No pets

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