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Name - What is Assassins Palace’s full name?

Assassins Palace

Type - What type of location is Assassins Palace?


Description - Describe Assassins Palace.

It is the home of Demerie, the king assassin, and the young assassins in training. It is on the outskirts of the city and is a big mansion. It is made of white marble and styled to look slytly Greek with piker in the entrance and letting lots of light in. Lulling those who enter in to a false sense of safety.

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Motto - What is Assassins Palace’s motto?

Kill or be killed.

Sports - What sports are played in Assassins Palace?


Laws - What are the laws in Assassins Palace?

Don’t displease franchesco.

Currency - What currencies are used in Assassins Palace?


Population - What is Assassins Palace’s population?

Depends. But usaly at least 4.

Language - What languages are spoken in Assassins Palace?


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Area - What kind of area is Assassins Palace in?

On the outskirts of the city. It is surrounded by a few other houses and lots of trees.

Climate - What is the climate like in Assassins Palace?

Cold in winter warm in summer.

Located at - Where is Assassins Palace located?


Crops - What crops does Assassins Palace produce?

No crops.

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Notable Wars - What notable wars has Assassins Palace been involved in?

No wars here.

Established Year - When was Assassins Palace established?

497th year of the Cala period.

Founding Story - How was Assassins Palace founded?

The house was built in mind of richer sidasinse to live in there as a summer Franchesco bore it with the idea of it being the base for the assassins.

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