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Name - What is Riverways house ’s full name?

Riverways house

Type - What type of location is Riverways house ?


Description - Describe Riverways house .

It’s in a nice part of the city by a river surrounded by oak trees. It’s not far from the center of town, you can get there by a ten minute walk.

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Motto - What is Riverways house ’s motto?


Sports - What sports are played in Riverways house ?

Basically whatever they feel like playing but races are always a favourite.

Laws - What are the laws in Riverways house ?

Don’t hurt the dog
Don’t discriminate against anyone
Don’t deastoroy others property
Do your chorus on the day that they are
Do water plants if they look dry
Give the dog pets if she asks for them

Currency - What currencies are used in Riverways house ?

Ivisso’s currency or tradeing is acceptable if it is fair.

Population - What is Riverways house ’s population?

Like 4 people.

Language - What languages are spoken in Riverways house ?


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Area - What kind of area is Riverways house in?

It’s in the nicer part of town by a river.

Climate - What is the climate like in Riverways house ?

Nice warm in summer and extreamly cold in winter.

Located at - Where is Riverways house located?

Number 12 riverway drive
Fox back lane
Country: Ivisso

Crops - What crops does Riverways house produce?

Flowers and herbs

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Notable Wars - What notable wars has Riverways house been involved in?

The fight between lux and Neshu in the year 510 lasted 4 weeks and could be considered a war.

Established Year - When was Riverways house established?

509th year of the Cala period.

Founding Story - How was Riverways house founded?

It was built by Rovazuna and her friends as to have a place of their own and to ceperate from the other assassins.

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