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Name - What is Cheruran Collar’s full name?

Cheruran Collar

Item Type - What type of item is Cheruran Collar?

Pet item

Description - Describe Cheruran Collar.

The collars are for possibly violent and dangerous animals kept as pets. the key feature of the collar id that the have an enchanted crystal embedded in the centre above the animals neck. them crystal is usually azurite a manly blue with green edges and yellow specks throughout it, it is the most magic acceptant crystal. the collar can be used on anything.

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Materials - What is Cheruran Collar made out of?

Azurite, fabric/metal ( depends on owners preference of collar.)

Weight - How much does Cheruran Collar weigh?


book History
Year it was made - When was Cheruran Collar made?

first invented in 654th year of the Deca Period

flash_on Abilities
Magical effects - What kind of magic does Cheruran Collar possess?

Makes violent or dangerous animals suitable for pets.

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