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Name - What is Shadow fire’s full name?

Shadow fire

Item Type - What type of item is Shadow fire?


Description - Describe Shadow fire.

The potion is like liquid fire but dark and stratified in the it moves. It looks like a shadow as crawls along the ground so it can sneak up on people unexpectedly and cause immense pain, at beat leaving them paralysed at worst death.

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Materials - What is Shadow fire made out of?

No one really knows only the people who make it.

Weight - How much does Shadow fire weigh?

Depends how much you have but it is very light and weighs about 5g every 400ml.

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Year it was made - When was Shadow fire made?

The original recipe was made in the 534th year of the Decka period.

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Magical effects - What kind of magic does Shadow fire possess?

It is a potion. The effects of this potion can be devastating causing the victim immense pain. It looks like a shadow as it crawls along the floor and sneaks up on the unexpecting victim. The best case sensation would be paralysis other wise death or worse.

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