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Name - What is Calioco Beach’s full name?

Calioco Beach

Type - What type of location is Calioco Beach?


Description - Describe Calioco Beach.

a secretive cove on the western coast of Thera often used by smugglers and pirates to get goods into the country and/or take a rest from being constantly chased by the law.

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Motto - What is Calioco Beach’s motto?

Finders keepers losers weepers

Sports - What sports are played in Calioco Beach?

The pirates often have sailing competitions and the winner gets to keep the losers cargo. Rematches are allowed if rules have been broken.
-no sabotage on the ships
-do not go off the corse (instant disqualification)
-endangerment of sea animals is strictly forbidden

Laws - What are the laws in Calioco Beach?

-You do not steal or in any way sabotage others cargo
-Fighting is forbidden unless verbal
-You must abide to the rules of the races
-Do not endanger sea animals unless you wish to ensure the rate of the sea maidens

Currency - What currencies are used in Calioco Beach?

They either trade or use whatever money they have on them. Here is no real currency except what seems fair.

Population - What is Calioco Beach’s population?

You can stay there for a period of up to two months, no more. We do not know the reasons for this but it is expected to be otherwise pirates would set up permanent bases and that it would cause a lot problems.

Language - What languages are spoken in Calioco Beach?

they speak whatever language is native to them but most of them know how to speak a bit of another language.

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Area - What kind of area is Calioco Beach in?

it sits at the base of a cliff and you can only get to it by water.

Climate - What is the climate like in Calioco Beach?

It has a warm temprichure all year round were not sure how this happens because Thera is very cold in the winter but we suspect it is the magic of the sea maidens.

Located at - Where is Calioco Beach located?

the west side coast of Toria at the base of a cliff you can only get here by water.

Crops - What crops does Calioco Beach produce?

coconut trees grow around the beach. they get most of their food imported.

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Notable Wars - What notable wars has Calioco Beach been involved in?

There has been no wars but the pirates sometimes have to fight off the occasional trouble maker.

Established Year - When was Calioco Beach established?

It was established 200 years give or take ago. The rules have changed since then but its purpose is still the same.

Founding Story - How was Calioco Beach founded?

It was founded by Andrea Hex otherwise known as The Kraken. She created it after a skirmish with another band of pirates, where the second band took some of The Krakens goods this need in a bloody fight where many got killed. After that she decided to make a sanctuary for pirates where they could stop their goods, without the worry they will be taken, rest and get proper food. Unlike the rations they get on the ships. The rules there are simple and stand to what Andrea wanted.

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