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Name - What is Neshu Dominguez’s full name?

Neshu Dominguez

Role - What is Neshu Dominguez’s role in your story?

Rovazuna’s best friend

Other names - What other aliases does Neshu Dominguez go by?

Her friend call her Nesh or Shu.

Gender - What is Neshu Dominguez’s gender?


Age - How old is Neshu Dominguez?


face Looks
Eye Color - What is Neshu Dominguez’s eye color?

Bronze brown

Skin Tone

She has dark skin that some people might call espresso coloured

Body Type


Weight - How much does Neshu Dominguez weigh?

Why am I supposed to know this.

Height - How tall is Neshu Dominguez?

1.78 meters tall.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Neshu Dominguez have?

She loves to wear blouses she loves how care free and artsy they look they look. she has a small scar running through the end of her right eyebrow because of a accident with a glass vase that smashed.

Hair Color - What color is Neshu Dominguez’s hair?

Almost black brown

Hair Style - How does Neshu Dominguez style their hair?

She has many small braids in hair that go down to her mid back.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Neshu Dominguez have?


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Prejudices - What prejudices does Neshu Dominguez have?

She hates it when others are shamed when they do things they love.

Personality type - What personality type is Neshu Dominguez?

She is fun and creative and is often Rovazuna’s link to other people because she is so sociable. She likes to express her feelings through the paintings she dose.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Neshu Dominguez have?

She loves to paint and can finish one of her larger pieces in a week Wich is very quick depending on what medium she is using.

Talents - What talents does Neshu Dominguez have?

She is extrordanery at painting and because she paints so much she just gets better each time.
She is also great with people which helps Zuni and the other younger assassins.

Flaws - What flaws does Neshu Dominguez have?

She can honestly sometimes be to sociable because of her need to have other people accept her and can sometimes get hurt because of it. She Feels that without the agreement of others she is not worthy of being around them. She searches for the paise of others because her actual parents were very down putting before they through her out when she was 10.

Motivations - What motivates Neshu Dominguez most?

She is motivated by thinking of a good outcome or an ideal that she could achieve if she tried hard enough.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Neshu Dominguez have?

You can often find her with a paint brush behind her ear and doesn’t really notice until someone pointes it out. She often starts to ramble a bit in uncomfortable situachions.

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Favorite color - What is Neshu Dominguez’s favorite color?


Religion - What religion does Neshu Dominguez practice?


Politics - What politics does Neshu Dominguez have?

Roma is her Queen, dose it matter?

Occupation - What is Neshu Dominguez’s occupation?


Favorite food - What is Neshu Dominguez’s favorite food?

Gummy candy

Favorite possession - What is Neshu Dominguez’s favorite possession?

Her paints and brushes

Favorite weapon - What is Neshu Dominguez’s favorite weapon?

Emotional manipulation

Favorite animal - What is Neshu Dominguez’s favorite animal?


info History
Education - What is Neshu Dominguez’s level of education?

When Rova found her she decided to teach her because she was not getting education because of the fact her parents were no longer paying for her school.

Birthday - When is Neshu Dominguez’s birthday?

August 12th

Background - What is Neshu Dominguez’s background?

She had very down outing parents that would criticise everything she did. One day they got so fed up they through her out at the age of 10. Roma found her and brought her food and taught her and manège to help her secure a job.

device_hub Family
Pets - What pets does Neshu Dominguez have?

No pets.

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edit Notes

Her fist name means trap and her last name means demon.

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