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A city whose residents are descendants of the survivors of the deadliest outbreak of Dolls. Known for the original settlers making their strong defenses against Dolls, Zenpatlan is claimed to be the birthplace of Soul Art and its users. It was once ran by corrupt officials until they were disposed of by Maza Redlock and later Jóse Victoria after they came into power.

It features wide, cobblestone streets and has several mission-style homes both large and small dotting the city. The center of the city, Quetzal Plaza, houses the marketplace and the Cathedral. It also serves as the main office for the Fivefold Suns Cavalry.

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There are various laws against corruption, extortion, harassment, theft, SA and human trafficking. Depending on the nature of the crimes committed, they can punishable by death.

The legal process is usually led by the three Captains themselves. They decide amongst each other what the punishment should be.

When Jóse Victoria came into power, it came to light that there many corrupt officials that had connections to crimelords and conspiracies. Jóse plucked out each of these officials.

Sports - What sports are played in Zenpatlan?

Soccer is very popular in Zenpatlan and kids can usually be found playing it outside. Even Leo likes it so much, some of his fighting moves are based on the sport.

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Southern region

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Founding Story - How was Zenpatlan founded?

After the deadly invasion of Dolls, the survivors built Zenpatlan upon the massacred ruins of Imochitonati as a refuge against the Dolls. Every survivor had one equally shared ideal: survive and assist others regardless of their status. Soon, the citizens found more ways to exterminate Dolls despite lacking Soul Art, such as using obsidian and Zenpazochil flowers to ward them off. As time flew by and Zenpatlan flourished, three sectors were established. In order to maintain order, three supernaturally gifted individuals from their respective Sectors were chosen as Captains. The heart of the City, Quetzal Plaza, serves a marketplace and historical home to the Cathedral and Fivefold Suns House, also known as the headquarters for the Cavalry.

First Sector:
The northern Sector. (Nahua)

Second Sector:
The southwest Sector. (Mayan)

Third Sector:
The southeast Sector. (Zapotec)

Established Year - When was Zenpatlan established?

Over 500 years ago

Notable Wars - What notable wars has Zenpatlan been involved in?

500 years ago: Tierra de Huecos
Worldwide fight for survival against with Dolls. Happened after the Rift opened; won but several human civilizations were extinguished (i.e. Tlentonatitlan).

Aftermath: Massive casualties; Zenpatlan established.

50 years ago: Warhead Massacre
Class-centered conflict in Kreigspfad between the lower and higher sectors. Eventually extended to a full on conquest for Zenpatlan lands, causing Zenpatlan government to take action.

Aftermath: Won.

Corruption crisis at an unspecified time

edit Notes

  • The city's 3 sectors are each inspired by Mexican-Indigenous cultures, such as Nahua, Maya, Zapotec.

  • Zenpatlan is heavily based on 1810s México, but its state religion is majorly polytheistic.

  • One of Zenpatlan's major celebrations, the Calavera Festival, is based off of Day of the Dead. The customs are the same as Day of the Dead, except the Guiding Ceremony, a ritual where the souls of the deceased are transformed into migrating butterflies and sent away into the afterlife.

  • The official military organization, the Fivefold Suns, was named after the 5 days in which Zenpatlan was established. In those five days, survivors came together to rebuild their civilization.

  • In Aztec myth, the Five Suns is a theory about how the world was created.

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