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Zeta is a universe dominated by magic, shaped by The Creator. Most of it is split across many different "Realms," or isolated pockets of space. More information on each Realm can be found under the Planets category.

While all Realms share the same laws of physics and magic, travel between them is impossible without divine aid, and only a privileged few know of the existence of Realms outside their own.

The space between Realms is known as the Void Zone, Zeta's equivalent of "outer space." While the Void is vast, Zeta is not infinite, though it is impossible to cross its boundaries except through the Creator's ability to move between Zeta and their own universe.

Zeta was formed and is ruled by the Creator in its entirety, and its existence is inextricably tied to theirs through the Divine Powers. However, the Creator is not required to know everything that goes on; much of Zeta's creation and perpetuation is involuntary. Whatever the Creator doesn't know or hasn't decided is automatically filled in by their subconscious until a clearer decision is made.

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This universe contains...
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group Characters close
group Pipe Man Hero of the Marshroom Kingdom
group Mage Sholan Makakati Head of Makakati Village
group Mage Nari Nakiseti Head of the Nakiseti Clan
group Juke Peridoe Walking MP3 Player
group Green Peridoe Beloved DJ of Tengoku City
group Ginny Kadara Bold Young Entrepreneur
group Dregka Carefree Party Dragon
group Pipe Dude Fame-Seeking Pizza Professional
group Princess Pear Ruler of Marshroom Kingdom
group Arrow Young Apprentice to the Purists
group Aran Ekis Loyal Servant of the Purists
group Rock Fifth of the Original Seven
group Mowser Would-Be Conqueror of Marshroom Kingdom
group Lovlie Third of the Original Seven
group Judo Second of the Original Seven
group Speedy Teeny Speedster of the Brigade
group Skye Flortite Party-Loving Singer
group Alex Relson Leader of the HGO
group Alana Reragon Lost Chosen One of the Exans
group Flare Modus Fiery Casanova of the Soul Guardians
group The Creator Author of the Story
group Audrey C. Doopa Chosen One of the Doopas
group Ioniss Emotional Rock
group Zack Kori Icy Spearman of the HGO
group Yeron Mysterious Pet With a Taste for Blood
group Viruno Displaced Dragon
group Viola Aerio Energetic Mother
group Squall Carefree Chosen One
group Spot Glory-Hound Leader of the Brigade
group Spike Chill Strongman of the Brigade
group Silver Nervous Nellie of the Brigade
group Silex Amoro Tireless Scholar of the Soul
group Sholar Fourth of the Original Seven
group Shiro Commander of the Purists
group Sarah Gallo Sharp-Witted Warrior of the HGO
group Rusane Telania Young Fish Out of Water
group Robert Daloa Hot-Tempered Speedster of the HGO
group Red Japster High-Energy Keyboardist
group Rahja Chadisan Easygoing Bassist
group Nicholas Vaughn Wandering Mapmaker
group Merlino First of the Original Seven
group Mali Makakati Master of Alchemic Archery
group Lyra Amoro Human Among Felins
group Linc Midora Game-Loving Swordsman of the HGO
group Kytenn Ancient Dear Friend
group Kelkov Aerio Co-Leader of the Soul Guardian Council
group Ivan Aerio Dependable Father
group Gold Carefree Cool Cat of the Brigade
group Frank Gordman Shieldmaster of the HGO
group Exunde Reragon Nervous Yet Protective Father
group Emelia Reragon Usurper of the Soul Guardian Council
group Dev Seventh of the Original Seven
group Chikara Chosen One of the Spirits
group Chet Frogg Marshroom Kingdom's Greatest Chef
group Carl Savette Watchful Guardian of the HGO
group Bob Vurto Reluctant Transporter of the HGO
group Angie Sixth of the Original Seven
group Angel Brigade Second in Command
group Alfonzo Grizzle Mysterious Yet Friendly Drummer
group Aida The Unseen Hand
group Addlor The Council's Greatest Recruiter

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