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Name - What is Monyi’s Backpack’s full name?

Monyi’s Backpack

Item Type - What type of item is Monyi’s Backpack?

Clothing item

Description - Describe Monyi’s Backpack.

Monyi’s backpack is a cyan blue backpack that he often carries his stuff in. Unlike his goggles, it’s only fitted for Clikor, and a Volcanum wouldn’t be able to wear it except as neckwear. It has several pockets, outlined by silver.

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Materials - What is Monyi’s Backpack made out of?

  • Candlecreep cotton

  • Candlecreep cotton thread

  • Blue rock dye


The backpack is made of candlecreep cotton, spun into a sturdy fiber material which was then used to make the bag. Its three pockets are outlined in silver thread, the natural color of candlecreep cotton. The rest of the backpack has been dyed blue.

Weight - How much does Monyi’s Backpack weigh?

It’s quite lightweight by itself, but it can get pretty heavy with the weight of Monyi’s stuff.

date_range History

Monyi picked out and bought the backpack himself from a Clikor-owned shop down the road from his house after graduating from high school.

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