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Name - What is Aberforth (WIP)’s full name?

Aberforth (WIP)



Gender - What is Aberforth (WIP)’s gender?


Age - How old is Aberforth (WIP)?


Role in story

Snow Tribe Leader

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Height - How tall is Aberforth (WIP)?

4.7 ft

Weight - How much does Aberforth (WIP) weigh?

400 lbs

Race - What is Aberforth (WIP)’s race?

Boreal woodland caribou

Hair/Fur color

Pale, grayed mahogany and cream

Hair/Fur style

Aberforth, like other reindeer, bears thick fur resistant to the cold. He has a fluffy mane of cream on his neck and a dark chocolate nose. His coat is glazed with graying hairs.
He can also summon wings of snow using his powers whenever he feels he needs them, however, most of the time he is found without them. He usually only summons them in fights or during diplomacy with members of other tribes.

Eye color - What is Aberforth (WIP)’s eye color?

Blue in winter, gold year-round

Facial features

As with other members of his species, Aberforth’s eyes are a chilly blue in the winter months and a gentle gold in the warmer ones. He has a pair of cream white antlers on his head, which occasionally shed off and are replaced with new ones.

Skin tone or fur patterns

Aberforth’s coat is mostly a pale, grayed mahogany the color of an old pine tree’s bark. His neck is covered in fluffy, cream-colored fur, which is also around his eyes and belly. Some strands of fur are grayer than others due to his age.


Aberforth has no unique accessories. He bears a Kekeron shock collar like all other residents of the enclosure.

Body type

Gentle giant

Physical structure


Blood type


Powers or abilities

Manipulation of ice crystals (snow, ice, frost, etc.)

Manipulation of electrons and static electricity

Identifying features

  • Kekeron shock collar

  • Pine-colored coat

  • Thick antlers

  • Blue or gold eyes

  • Wings of snow

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