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The Havits House

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The Havits’ house, home to Monyi, Rino, and Lime Havits, along with their parents, is away from the main village of Radusville, all the way up on the paths of the volcano the village is set on. It’s mostly composed of clay and other housing material, while the roof is shingled with volcanic rock to protect the house should there be an eruption.

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Notable residents

Monyi Havits
Rino Havits
Lime Havits
Dexte Havits
Laze Havits


Laze is the man of the house; he’s in charge of the taxes and is the technical owner of the house. He works far away from their home, though, so he has to leave early in the morning and comes back late at night. His wife, Dexte, is the mother to Lime, Monyi, and Rino, and takes care of the children and the cooking and such. She works from home and runs a greenhouse. Rino is the oldest of the brothers. He’s the one who helps Lime out with his schoolwork and studying. Monyi is the middle child and is often shut away in his room tinkering with his inventions. Lime, birth name Pylo, is the youngest of the three brothers and doesn’t have anything to do except go to school and bother his older brothers.

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  • If it’s not nice, don’t say it.

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  • Don’t mess with Monyi’s inventions, otherwise he will be very angry.

  • Don’t try and help Mom with the plants, she knows what she’s doing and you don’t.

  • Don’t leave the house without telling someone where you’re going.

  • The person who takes the last glowfruit biscuit from the jar has to take it to town to refill it.

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The Havits’ house is mostly composed of clay, eggwood, housidian, and other housing material. The roof is shingled with volcanic rock to protect the house should there be an eruption, as is the northwest side of the house, which is the side facing Mount Radus. Each of the family members have their own room, except for Dexte and Laze, who, as the parents of the house, share a room. In their house is also a kitchen, a living room, and a greenhouse off the southeast wall. The house is pretty much square, though the stairs to the front of it jut out a bit. The house’s exterior is painted a dark brown and is mostly lit by orb lanterns.

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The house is positioned on the side of Mount Radus, farther up on the volcano than Radusville but not above halfway to the top. It’s a short hike down to the village, and to and from is often enough for the day for Monyi (very much the least athletic of the three brothers). Rino, however, likes to go out and run over the hills, while Lime tries his best to follow suit.

Crops - What crops does The Havits House produce?

  • Glowberries

  • Wilburfruit

  • Pink dinner fruit

  • Red dinner fruit

  • Lava trees

  • Magma sprouts

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On the outskirts of Radusville, up on Mount Radus

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Hot, but not unbearably so. The Clikor have adapted to be resistant to it, and there are winterclear cooling systems installed anyway.

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