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Name - What is Monyi Havits’s full name?

Monyi Havits

What story is this character part of?


Name pronunciation

“mon” as in “monster”
“yi” as in “yeehaw”

“havits” as in “habits”

Other names - What other aliases does Monyi Havits go by?




Race - What is Monyi Havits’s race?

Pyrite clikor

Gender - What is Monyi Havits’s gender?


Age - How old is Monyi Havits?

6 D-Years (1 D-year to adulthood)

A D-year counts the time it takes for the planet Destrumes to make one full rotation around its dwarf sun.

Occupation - What is Monyi Havits’s occupation?


Job - What job does Monyi Havits have?

Research of transportation and flight

Role in story

Supporting character

How they would describe themselves (3 words)

“Radusville’s little inventor.”

How others would describe them (3 words)

“Nerdy black dog.”

Birthday - When is Monyi Havits’s birthday?

The second day of the third Destrian month.

On Earth, he would celebrate on the second of June.

face Looks
About the artwork

The artwork of Monyi was created for me by DUPPY on Art Fight. Much thanks to her!

Since the time of drawing, Monyi’s design has been changed a little. He now has V-shaped ears and different antennae. Find out more below!

Height - How tall is Monyi Havits?

23 in; short for a male Clikor.

Weight - How much does Monyi Havits weigh?

66 lbs, around the weight of a Golden Retriever. On the lower side of average for his age.

Race - What is Monyi Havits’s race?

Pyrite clikor

Color of fur

Black as coal

Skin tone

Underneath his fur, his skin is an ashy gray.


Long, black fur. It looks fluffy and soft, but it’s actually quite coarse. The hairs aren’t oily and some of them are hollow. There is no dandruff. The hairs don’t sway much even if he turns quickly.
The clikor species somewhat resembles the canines of Earth—Monyi in particular brings to mind a border collie.
Clikor hair is non-combustible. If a clikor were to sit on embers, they’d be more likely to smother flames rather than to catch them.

Eye color - What is Monyi Havits’s eye color?

Orange as the fruit

Facial features

Monyi’s facial fur is like the rest of his fur; black as the granite that blankets his homeworld. He has a long, thick snout and two round orange eyes. His eyebrows are perpetually drooping, so he always looks sad.

Two clikor antennae protrude from the top of his head. They are almost like horns, being hard and heavy. Upon closer inspection, however, one will see that they are porous. They are used to transmit nutrients between individuals—though they could certainly be used in a fight. The antennae are like a V laid flat on its side, with the point facing the back of the head. They rise from the skull, approaching the ears, then jut sharply the other way towards the snout. They’re honey yellow and glow faintly in darkness.

The V-shaped ears behind his antennae always seem to have a twitch. His nose is amber on the left and orange on the right. The darker orange is a birthmark over the genetic amber. He has an orange tongue and the skin of his mouth is pale yellow. He has black lips, like any black Earth pooch.

(The picture used on Monyi’s page is a little out of date, so his antennae are shaped differently in the image. The above paragraphs describe what they’re really like.)

Fur markings

Embedded in Monyi’s fur are gold, orange, and amber glow-specks, an adaptation of the clikor. A glow-speck is a small, bioluminescent organ that can be found anywhere on the clikor body. Monyi’s are always faintly glowing, but he flashes them bright when he’s in trouble.
All of Monyi’s glow-specks are on his shoulders, upper forelegs, thighs, and tail. There are not any on his back, nor anywhere else, except for three on his belly, which his mother thinks are cute.

Physical markings

While his skin is largely gray, there are places where black and white birthmarks pepper it. The birthmarks are hidden by fur, so not many know he has them.


Monyi always dons his inventor’s goggles. They were bought for him by his older brother Rino. The glass lenses were forged in the fires of the volcano they live on. He occasionally wears his blue backpack when out and about—likely chock-full of blueprints, snacks, and knicknacks. No one knows exactly what he carries in it. The moment someone asks, he squeals, rips the backpack open, and starts talking a D-year a minute.

Body type


Physical structure



A little hunched

Blood type

Warm-blooded; DA-

Powers or abilities

Able to sense the heat of the surroundings via his antennae. He can share nutrients with other clikor by pressing his antennae to theirs, or take nutrients from a mullum.

He can “click” to alert others of danger. A good flash of the glow-specks will draw attention, too.

Monyi can illuminate dark spaces with his glow-specks.

He can flash signals to clikor or mulla to communicate over a long distance.

Strengths & weaknesses

He can’t run for long, nor is he particularly resistant, but he can go pretty fast if he wants to.

Like all clikor, his toes are incredibly dextrous. Unlike the mulla, clikor have opposable thumbs. He writes essays for science homework and patches holes in his brother’s toys. Monyi could probably text if he got his paws on a human phone. (His grip isn’t as strong as a human’s, so he would need help holding it.)

Identifying features

❥ Clikor
❥ Black dog that glows
❥ Yellow and orange dots all over him (these are what glow)
❥ Honey yellow antennae
❥ Forelegs and upper hind legs covered in glow-specks
❥ Orange birthmark over side of nose
❥ Orange eyes
❥ Floppy ears
❥ Inventor goggles
❥ Becomes spontaneously unintelligible at the mere mention of flight
❥ Bro whose dog is this 💀

fingerprint Nature
Personality overview

Monyi has always been PASSIONATE. There is a FIRE in him that burns when he sees how he can make the world better. He sees a system, he sees its FLAWS, he says “that’s not EFFICIENT, I’m going to make it better.” Then he retreats into his den. A few weeks, a couple tissues and a lot of grilled cheese later, he marches out with a plan.

Monyi gets a lot of things about the world. He gets how numbers add together. He gets how the caves are structured to keep lava flow away from civilization. He gets how government workers erode rock with cave lichen to make new passageways and shops and houses, and why it’s highly illegal to remove them from the storehouses Monyi helped design. He gets how the curve of a feather catches the wind and generates lift, bringing a bird—or a dog—up into the air.

What he doesn’t get is why his brother died three years ago. Why he had to laugh and smile and jump and flash and click and be so vulnerable and so young, and then plummet so far down, plummet like a bird struck with a stone, plummet and break his bones on the rocks, plummet down from the heights Monyi helped him reach.

Rino’s death was an accident. Monyi didn’t mean for the wings he made him to break. But Monyi doesn’t accept flaw in his designs, and he can’t accept himself for letting one slip through the cracks.

Introvert or extrovert?


Personality type (Myers-Briggs)


Loose alignment

Lawful Neutral


❥ Monyi is meek. He’s kind to others and always tries to hear them out.
❥ Monyi is a good listener.
❥ Monyi is patient.
❥ He’s intellectual.
❥ He’s good at memorizing things—both facts about science and about his friends. He never ever ever forgets birthdays.
❥ He will go out of his way to do something thoughtful for a friend, even if it inconveniences him.
❥ Monyi is good with children.
❥ Stuffed toy making used to be a hobby of his. He doesn’t do it very often anymore, but he’s still popular with the neighborhood kids for it. With enough convincing (and maybe a sandwich as a bribe) he’ll scrounge up a little something for one of the smaller ones.

Flaws - What flaws does Monyi Havits have?

❥ Monyi has a hard time trusting people.
❥ Monyi does not accept failure. He will bash his head against the door until the wood or his skull breaks. A stubborn perfectionist is the worst perfectionist.
❥ Monyi struggles with confidence. He doesn’t like to take risks in fear that he’ll mess up, so he often just sticks to what he knows he’s good at, like mathematics and problem solving.
❥ Monyi gets jumpy around people he doesn’t know.
❥ Sometimes, when he’s flustered, Monyi lies. He’s not compulsive, but stuck between a long explanation and a quick lie, he’ll take the easy way out. (This comes back to bite him sometimes.)

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Monyi Havits have?

Monyi has difficulty speaking under pressure. Sometimes he stumbles over his words, or he goes too fast. Often he stutters, and if he’s really stressed he’ll click. (Clicking is a nervous response of the clikor. Essentially, it’s a biological SOS call released from the throat.)

He talks quickly when he’s excited, too. It’s hard to understand him when he does.

Monyi tends to fidget. He doesn’t like to stand still for long.


❥ Inventing
❥ His family
❥ His friends
❥ His inventions
❥ Soft pillows
❥ His backpack
❥ The sky
❥ Praise
❥ Reading


❥ Strangers
❥ Sharp objects
❥ Messing up
❥ Swimming
❥ Dark humor
❥ His failure that day with Rino


Like any other clikor or mullum, the clikor “click” alarms him greatly. When he hears it, he goes rigid.

Talents - What talents does Monyi Havits have?

Monyi excels in subjects such as science, math, and history. He is an expert at creating simple, yet efficient inventions, such as the mechanical wing vests that are his pride and joy. He tends to notice things that others don’t.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Monyi Havits have?

Monyi loves to invent. That’s his job, after all! He holes himself up in his room for most of the day, only coming out to eat or to show his family what he’s done so far. Sometimes, he even forgets to do that! In his free time, he likes reading nonfiction and playing outdoors with his little brother Lime.

Type of humor

Light humor & puns. A well-placed witticism will make him laugh too.

What do they look for in a friend?

Someone who listens to him. Someone who wants to learn more about what Monyi is interested in, purely because Monyi is interested in it. Someone who is kind. Someone who does the right thing just because it’s right. Someone who does the right thing even when no one’s there to watch and say “good job.”

Jack fulfills all of these for him. Jack is also cheesy, reckless, and annoying. They are best friends, and there are things they like and dislike about each other. But nothing will ever stop them from being friends.

If they could have any superpower, it’d be…


What do the charms on their friendship bracelet read?


Alternatively, A•A•A•A•A•A•A•A•A

Would they eat a hot dog cold?

Yes, he’s a dog.

Socks or pants first?

He doesn’t wear socks, but if he did, it’d still be pants first.

(I don’t know if clikor wear pants either. Still working out the clothing thing.)

What’s their pizza preference?

If pizza existed on Destumes, it’d be seafood style.

Would they eat broccoli with ketchup?

No that’s gross

Pickles with peanut butter?

Hmmmm… peanut butter is tasty, so he’d try it.

Pizza with pineapple?

Absolutely not.

Character who knows them best

fitness_center Special abilities

Moyni has no special powers or abilities. He is an ordinary clikor.

Have they ever come into contact with a Skull?

If he did, he would wisely give it to Jack. Jack would give it to the Clocktwisters or the Xervat, if either came to talk to him, or if not he’d chuck it off a cliff.

Have they ever come into contact with the Noanimal?

Never, and he would have none of the Noanimal’s shenanigans if he did.

Could this character pose a major threat to someone?

Only to an insect.

date_range History
Birthday - When is Monyi Havits’s birthday?

The second day of the third Destrian month.

On Earth, he would celebrate on the second of June.


Monyi is a pyrite clikor living in Radusville on Mount Radus. Radusville is a clikor and mullum village on the surface of a volcano. Part of Mt. Radus’ rocky exterior has been hollowed out by Destumes lichen. Much of the village is inside that crag.

Mount Radus is a live volcano. It may seem dangerous to live there, but volcanoes are where most clikor and mullum live. This is because their sun is dying and the planet is very cold. Not much other than these volcanoes can provide life-sustaining heat.

Current residence

Current residence

His family’s house, on Destrumes (Placeholder).

How did they choose this place?

Mount Radus is where his family was born. It’s very dangerous for clikor to travel to other villages, so most clikor stay in the village they were born at. (Mulla are much more resilient, so they can stomach the journey better than clikor can.)

What do they love most about it?

Sometimes, Monyi likes to go watch mullum smelters work. Utilizing the lava has a heat source, they smelt alloys. Monyi hates the smell, but the sight fills him with wonder.

Education - What is Monyi Havits’s level of education?

Monyi has already received a full Destrian education. The Destrian school career ends before clikor adulthood. He has some above-average knowledge of science and math due to advanced studies.

Grades they got in school


Struggled in these classes


Background - What is Monyi Havits’s background?

Explained in its more modern format in the Personality Overview in the Nature section. Here is the original iteration of his backstory, which was written long ago and is in dire need of an update:

After this, as I explained in the comment section of the original, Monyi got to redeem himself in an unexpected volcanic eruption by taking his invented wings and saving his brother, Lime, from the lava.

(Rino did not die from a human airplane. He died because of a problem with his wings, crashing down to his death. This is one of the things which needs to be updated in this project.)

Does this character have any regrets?


In documents published on
groups Social
About their friendship

(This part of Monyi is in progress. But he’s a lot happier when he’s with Jack—much, much happier.)

Languages spoken


Occupation - What is Monyi Havits’s occupation?


Job - What job does Monyi Havits have?

Inventor specializing in flight and transportation

About their duty

He wants to perfect his wing devices. He was inspired by the cave lichen on the ceiling of Radusville. Cave lichen is incredibly destructive when it’s not where it’s meant to be, and it cannot be easily removed from cave ceilings. He thought that if only clikor could fly, they could get up there and scrub it all off.

Theoretically, mulla could fly, too. But that is much, much, much harder to accomplish than a flying clikor. Flying dogs are hard enough, that’s a flying grizzly bear pangolin.

Why choose this?

He wants to make the world a better and more efficient place.

Least favorite thing about it

He hates that his invention was responsible for his brother’s death.
Also, he’d love to spend more time outdoors.


Math, science, history, the sky, lava, minerals, volcanic studies, calderas, wheels, any form of vehicle (though nothing motorized exists yet in Destrumes), wagons, note-taking strategies, glassblowing (not that he’s ever done it), protists, cave lichen, plants, the dwarf sun which may or may not be dying and plunging the Destrian races into extinction (VERY BAD), flight, aerodynamics, levers, pullies

Go-to icebreaker

“Would you rather have two thumbs on each paw or a paw on your face?”

What they’d say for “Trainwreck”

“Uhh…. Trainwreck!!”

Favorite color - What is Monyi Havits’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Monyi Havits’s favorite food?

Radus grilled cheese

Favorite possession - What is Monyi Havits’s favorite possession?

Favorite possession - What is Monyi Havits’s favorite possession?

His blue backpack, which he keeps all of his stuff in when out and about

Favorite playground game

Bellhop tag (the Destrian version of mushroom tag)

Favorite animal - What is Monyi Havits’s favorite animal?

If he were on Earth, he would be enamored with birds.

Favorite word


Favorite book

“The Ins and Outs of Volcanic Caves” by Mr. Dirag Ofle

Favorite class in school


Favorite kind of artwork


Close combat, or strike confronters from afar?

Run away.

Favorite fighting style

He doesn’t fight. He is incapable of defending himself. He will crumple to a strike or kick with any force behind it.

The only time he would fight would be if someone tried to steal his inventions. He’d still be a pathetic fighter, but slightly more invigorated.

Favorite weapon - What is Monyi Havits’s favorite weapon?

The sacred sabre of giving up

What they’d do in a marching band

Colorguard 🏳️

star Pokémon
device_hub Family
Family situation

His mother is Dexte Havits and his father is Laze Havits. His late older brother was Rino Havits, and his younger brother is Lime Havits.

Relationship with siblings

Lime and Monyi’s relationship has been somewhat tense since Rino’s tragic death. Lime believes Monyi is responsible. Monyi believes it too. They still love each other, however, and they still play outside. The anger comes and goes.

What is the character’s opinion on this famous quote?: “Friends are just the family you choose.”

He’d say no, a friend is an important but all-around very different figure than a family member. He’d compare and contrast the bond felt between two good friends versus between brothers. Then, he’d emphasize that family can be chosen just as friends—through marriage, for example.

shopping_basket Items
Do they keep weapons on them?

If he gets jumped, he’s just giving them the wallet and walking away. He would hurt himself with a knife.

What vehicle would they drive?

He’d drive a Volkswagen Beetle.

He’s a click beetle dog, after all.

account_box Ellen Ρotter’s Kharacter Ɛssentials
edit Other
Things they haven’t said, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they did

Monyi and Jack are in a mirror maze
Monyi, seeing Jack: C'mon, you got it! Almost through!
Jack: I see you! runs straight into a mirror, shattering it
Monyi: screams

(From the Incorrect Quotes website)

Theme songs

Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles
Pompeii by Bastille
King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
Lost Boy by Ruth B

What color represents them?


What’s in a name?

His name was originally Monti, after a species of dragonfly. I misremembered it as Monyi one day and never corrected it.

What inspired this character?

The character’s appearance was first designed by Doggywoofwoo on Scratch. I then submitted some excerpts of what I thought the character would be like, and she approved it. She gave the design that would become Monyi to me to keep as my own.

Author’s favorite thing about them

If Captured RP ever starts up again, my favorite part will be everyone’s bewilderment at this wacky glow pooch. Also his pollen allergies. And his fascination with birds. It will be great. Would be great? Might be great. Well, if I ever want to do some Captured, I can go right ahead and do it. It’s my roleplay now, after all.

Other notes

His story is currently in redevelopment. I’ve changed around Destrumes and the lore of the clikor a lot. There will be some major changes when he’s reintroduced into the known Clocktwister universe.

About the artwork

The artwork of Monyi was created for me by DUPPY on Art Fight. Much thanks to her!!

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