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Name - What is Jack (WIP)’s full name?

Jack (WIP)

Other names - What other aliases does Jack (WIP) go by?

Dragonfly Jack (maybe?)


Clikor (formerly human)

Gender - What is Jack (WIP)’s gender?


Age - How old is Jack (WIP)?

16 when he was human.

In D-years? Who knows.

Role in story

Protagonist, main character, narrator

How they would describe themselves (3 words)

“Figuring it out.”

Birthday - When is Jack (WIP)’s birthday?

December 5th

On Destrumes, he celebrates on the fifth day of the fifth month.

face Looks
Color of fur

Idk bro but what if he had brown fur… Read the clikor page, they can be black but less commonly gray or brown
Brown dog brown dog wahoo

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fitness_center Special abilities
date_range History
Birthday - When is Jack (WIP)’s birthday?

December 5th

On Destrumes, he celebrates on the fifth day of the fifth month.

Why did they leave the place they were born in?



He has no clue.

Current residence

How did they choose this place?

He didn’t.

Grades they got in school

Low B’s & high C’s

groups Social
About their friendship


Languages spoken

He speaks Destrian and understands English. No one knows how he learned Destrian. Apparently, it just popped into his head when he woke up one day as a beetledog.

As a clikor, his vocal cords are no longer equipped for human language, but he still understands English.

He is completely fluent in both.

Religion - What religion does Jack (WIP) practice?

Christianity (idk what denomination yet :/)

About their faith

At first he’s like, “How did this happen to me?”
Then he’s like, “God, why did You let this happen to me?”
Then he’s like, “What terrible thing did I do to deserve this?”
Then at the end he’s like, “God put me here for a reason. He knew I could handle it and so He put me here to spread His Gospel.”
(God works in mysterious ways, after all! Even isekeis!!)

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Things they haven’t said, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they did

Jack: So, I heard you like bad boys… I time travel in Animal Crossing.

Jack: I mean, sure, I have my bad days, but then I remember what a cute smile I have.

(From the Incorrect Quotes website)

What inspired this character?

❥ Didn’t want Monyi to be protagonist (more interesting as a closed character)
❥ Wanted Christianity to be involved in the plot somehow (so have a Christian lead who grows in his faith throughout the story)
❥ Got to have the reader connect to this weird new place somehow (so have the protagonist be new to it to)
❥ Also wanted some connection to Earth so I can describe things easier (“so basically I saw over his shoulder some horrid cross between a grizzly bear and a pangolin, and I was like, is that a pet, a mule, or a vehicle? It didn’t occur to me that it was SAPIENT. And then I was like, is he your slave? or what?”)
❥ I love me a good isekai
❥ Monyi needs a friend bro
❥ Destrumes needs help yo
❥ Monyi needs someone to bounce off of so he can save the world so I needed someone who can both foil him and help him and love him—a best friend—and also be more adventurous than he is because that dog is NOT finding Living Land and TALKING TO HIM on his own

Author’s favorite thing about them

I like his faith journey throughout the book

Other notes

If anyone can suggest a last name please give me one

I know like 3 Jacks in real life and whenever I try and think of a last name for a Jack its one of their names and I’m like, THAT’S TAKEN.

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