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Name - What is Night’s full name?


Other names - What other aliases does Night go by?

The Skies’ Wings
K’skeef Xervef


Fruit bat (though she can usually change appearance and species at will)

Gender - What is Night’s gender?


Age - How old is Night?

Unknown; she’s been in so many different places and traveled through time, it’s impossible to tell anymore

Role in story


face Looks
Height - How tall is Night?

4.8 in

Weight - How much does Night weigh?

3.1 oz

Race - What is Night’s race?

Egyptian fruit bat

Hair/Fur color

Dark brown and violet

Hair/Fur style

Night’s fur is soft and fuzzy as normal for the most part, though her forehead fuzz is quite fluffy. She has a leaf wing brace on her mangled wing that was given to her by her friend Myst.
Her fur style in other forms may vary.

Eye color - What is Night’s eye color?


Skin tone or fur patterns

Night’s main color, a dark hazel brown, is regular for her species, though the rest of her body’s colors certainly are not. The undersides of her wings are a brilliant violet with scatterings of stars throughout, and she has a fluffy gray neck and perky purple ears. Her left wing is mangled and torn and she has a small scar under her right wing.
In other forms, such as her cat form, Night typically retains the color violet, though the brown is not always carried over from bat to other animal.


After being attacked by a strange wolf, Night was left with a ripped and weak wing. Her friend, Myst, who had also been attacked (though her own injuries were not as severe) made her a leaf covering for this wing that would keep rain and other elements off so it could heal easier, even though they knew she would never fly as well as she once did.

Body type


Physical structure


Blood type


Powers or abilities

Manipulation of the sky and ability to create something like an aurora over a certain place

Ability to sense other Nora users
Ability to shapeshift herself and others
Limited time travel powers
Quickly traveling from place to place without need for portals
Conjuring fiery and bright portals

Identifying features

  • Mangled left wing

  • Dark brown and purple color scheme

  • Starred wings

  • Cheery and positive disposition

fingerprint Nature
Personality type (Myers-Briggs)

Night is an extraverted fruit bat of the true good alignment.

Flaws - What flaws does Night have?

Night is incredibly selfless and would sacrifice herself in a heartbeat for others, which means she often assists others at her own expense. Night is also easy to read, as she wears her heart on her sleeve, a trait that doesn’t mix well with her highly emotional personality. She can also get flustered under pressure.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Night have?

Night is very compassionate and sweet towards everyone, so she is well liked.


Talking to her friends
Being with others
Eating fruit
Helping others
Meeting other Nora users
Nice characters


Being alone
Being helpless
Being stuck on the ground
Being hungry
Not being able to help others
Having to hide her powers
Characters who purposefully hurt other characters
The Noanimal

Prejudices - What prejudices does Night have?

Night has no prejudices; she views all characters as individuals and doesn’t label species as this or that. Besides, she’s far more likely to pity someone or something rather than hate them.


Night wants to help others, even those who are rude to her or her friends. Her primary motivation is to protect others in a way that will leave nobody being harmed, which is why she is trying to get rid of the Noanimal; his control over the dimensions would leave many animals suffering and in pain.

Mental or emotional conditions

Night has a scarred left wing that was caused by a strangely-acting wolf who attacked her while she was with her friend Myst. She was able to scare it away with her powers. The wing can no longer support her weight and leaves her unable to fly.
(In other, wingless forms, her broken limb is carried on to some other part of her. For example, should she turn into a cat, the cat would have a lame leg.)

Talents - What talents does Night have?

Night has exceptional emotional perception of others and can always tell when something’s up. She’s also very good at putting herself into others’ shoes. Physically, she’s a good flier, and so is great at reconnaissance.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Night have?

Night likes flying, hanging out with her friends, eating fruit, and talking to others.

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date_range History
Birthday - When is Night’s birthday?

July 23rd

Current residence

None; she was born as a regular fruit bat on Earth

Background - What is Night’s background?


groups Social
Languages spoken

Adaptive language

Occupation - What is Night’s occupation?


Job - What job does Night have?

World hopper

Favorite color - What is Night’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Night’s favorite food?


Favorite possession - What is Night’s favorite possession?

Leaf wing brace, given to her by Myst to compensate for her injured wing

Favorite animal - What is Night’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon or fighting style

None; she hates fighting

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Notes on family members

Dey and Night are not actually relatives, though they do share blood via transplant.

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Theme songs

The Calling by The Fat Rat
King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men (as the Lionheart, Dey represents the King)

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