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Name - What is Outer Space’s full name?

Outer Space

Type of location


Description - Describe Outer Space.

It’s outer space. I’d describe it for you, but... hmm, I think you know what it’s like.

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Language - What languages are spoken in Outer Space?


Population - What is Outer Space’s population?

Good question, the human race has been trying to find that out for years.

Notable residents


Motto - What is Outer Space’s motto?

“Please don’t come here if you’re not in a space suit.”

Laws - What are the laws in Outer Space?

Ask an alien or something, I don’t know.



Currency - What currencies are used in Outer Space?

Pretty much everything is priceless. I mean, you could make a fortune off of a tiny fragment of Saturn’s rings.

Sports - What sports are played in Outer Space?


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Area - What kind of area is Outer Space in?

Everywhere that’s not here, I guess.

Crops - What crops does Outer Space produce?

You tell me. What plants do you know of that can grow in space?

Resident species

Aliens... 👀

Located at - Where is Outer Space located?

Outer space is in outer space.

Climate - What is the climate like in Outer Space?

To put it in the lovely words of Fiver the rabbit, from Richard Adam’s Watership Down:
“How- how. How- how cold!”

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Outer Space founded?

As with the population, the human race has been questioning this for a while.

Established Year - When was Outer Space established?

A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away... wait, but we’re talking about the galaxy itself, aren’t we?

Notable Wars - What notable wars has Outer Space been involved in?

Hopefully none, because if there have been any and they come here, then Earth is in a LOT of trouble...

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