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Water Tribe Territory

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Water Tribe is one of the two original tribes, the other being Forest Tribe. As such, it has the most generally experienced residents; fighters of Water Tribe usually come out victorious over their opponents in fights. Spatially, they have the third largest territory and the most bodies of water. Water Tribe borders Forest Tribe in the north and Wind Tribe in the east.

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Language - What languages are spoken in Water Tribe Territory?

Kekeron language

Population - What is Water Tribe Territory’s population?

To be determined at startup.

Notable residents

Mercedes (Placeholder)
Vi (Placeholder)

Sky (Placeholder) (now in Forest Tribe)
Eve (Placeholder) (now in Snow Tribe)
Sound (under reconstruction) (deceased)
Hero (Placeholder) (deceased)

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Area - What kind of area is Water Tribe Territory in?

Water Tribe has many streams and ponds scattered throughout its forests. In the far left of Water Tribe territory is what is known as Lake Hero, a small lake named after one of the tribe’s early residents. Water Tribe camp is right on the shore of Lake Hero, and it is protected by a large grove of oak trees that block it from view of intruders from other tribes. Lake Hero drains through a long stream which flows all the way north to the upper edges of Forest Tribe territory. Near the Forest Tribe border is a bridge across the stream leading to what is now known as Sound’s Cave; named after a brave cross-fox of recent times. Also near the Forest Tribe border, although on the other side of the territory, is an outpost for patrols. Just above this outpost are two clearings; the smaller of which is where the two foxes Sound and Dark (the latter of Wind Tribe) died.

Located at - Where is Water Tribe Territory located?

Southwest corner of Kekeron (WIP)

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Climate - What is the climate like in Water Tribe Territory?

Cool and wet. Lots of cold winds blow through the territory from Lake Hero and the river. It’s warmer in the clearings and the camp due to the lack of canopy in those areas.

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Founding Story - How was Water Tribe Territory founded?

The story of the beginning of the tribes has been lost to time, although the reasons can be presumed; to simulate the natural groups and packs of wild animals. However, it’s known that Hero (Placeholder) the otter was Water Tribe’s first leader, and that he was the one who first discovered the powers given by the scientists. It is said that he did something so kind and selfless with his life that the rest of the animals named Lake Hero in his name after his passing.

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