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Name - What is Shade’s full name?




Gender - What is Shade’s gender?


Age - How old is Shade?

Grows as the story goes on, usually depicted as a child from the ages of 9 to 16

Job - What job does Shade have?

Kekeron escapee

Role in story


face Looks
Height - How tall is Shade?

9 inches

Weight - How much does Shade weigh?

9 pounds (wingless)
13 pounds (with wings)

Race - What is Shade’s race?

Mountain orizore, purple-striped

Hair/Fur color

Black and purple (Main)
Black and white (Captured)

Hair/Fur style

Shade has long black fur with purple stripes. Her fur is soft and fluffy on her main body and short and coarse on her wings.
In the original Captured, she has white stripes instead of purple and is wingless.

Eye color - What is Shade’s eye color?

Forest green

Facial features

Shade has a pastel pink horn jetting out of her forehead. She also has purple tufts on top of her ears, not unlike a lynx, and two pairs of stripes going across the sides of her head.

Skin tone or fur patterns

As written above, Shade is a black-based Orizore with a purple stripe pattern. She has pink, heart-shaped pawpads and a gray underbelly. Her horn is a pastel pink color.


Shade has no permanent accessories, though she does sometimes wear flower crowns made with friends.
During her time in Kekeron, her horn was temporarily transformed into one made of wood to masquerade as an implanted accessory. She was also fitted with her shock collar in Kekeron, and still has it, although she doesn’t wear it and highly dislikes it.

Body type


Physical structure


Blood type


Powers or abilities

Photosynthesis via white photosensitive stripes


Limited psycho-empathy

Identifying features

  • Large pink horn (wooden in the original Captured)

  • Heart-shaped pawpads

  • Daunting black wings

  • Purple stripes

  • Small body, big wings and tail

fingerprint Nature
Personality overview

Sweet, optimistic, and stubborn, Shade‘s always been the life and soul of the party. She’s a great friend and is uncommonly great at perceiving the emotions of her peers, though she isn’t always the best at reacting to these feelings. She can be unintentionally obnoxious with her words and actions, but overall she has a good heart and always means well.

Personality type (Myers-Briggs)

Shade is an extraverted Orizore of the true good alignment.

Flaws - What flaws does Shade have?

Shade can be oblivious to the plights of others, especially in her younger stages, and will sometimes offend or hurt others without realizing it.
Shade is highly stubborn and will seldom change her mind about something once persuaded into an opinion. She is also very competitive, which can be hard for others to deal with.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Shade have?

Shade has a tendency to call all adult characters who she does not know well by Mr. [name] or Mrs. [name]. She sometimes speaks in a childish way, especially when depicted as a younger character (like in the original Captured).


Nice characters
Talking to others


Mean and grumpy characters (except her Uncle Dark, who she’s come to love and respect)
Being ignored
Pessimism and people telling her she can’t do something
Having nothing to do
Her friends being upset

Prejudices - What prejudices does Shade have?

Shade tends to like all animals and people, as she is very compassionate at heart despite her flaws. Her age also helps with her lack of species prejudice.
However, she dislikes characters who she perceives as mean or grumpy, and it can be hard for her to be persuaded out of this view due to her stubbornness. A prime exception to this is her Uncle Dark, who she thinks is funny and very respectable despite his occasional grumpiness and pessimism.


Shade dislikes suffering and wants to help others. She will always try to protect her friends from things that hurt them, sometimes at her own expense. Shade doesn’t like to lose and is very competitive.

Talents - What talents does Shade have?

Shade can fly very well for an orizore of her age.
Shade has an exceptional ability to judge character on first impression, though of course first impressions can be misleading.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Shade have?

Shade doesn’t have any particular hobbies — she usually just goes along with whatever activity her friends and family are doing at the time. She enjoys picking flowers, talking, and flying.

fitness_center Special abilities
date_range History
Birthday - When is Shade’s birthday?

July 4th

Current residence

Unknown; she was last seen being pulled out of Kekeron (WIP) into a portal of fire by a strange lion. It’s possible that she’s in one of the other dimensions, like Orbus, Grayvoid (Placeholder), or Morrath (Placeholder).
Previously lived with her brother, Blaze, on Reesflon (Placeholder).
In Kekeron, she lived in Wind Tribe Camp (Placeholder).


5 years of Orizore education (around a 6th grade education)
Knowledge gained from Kekeron

Background - What is Shade’s background?

Shade was born on the planet Reesflon. Her mother disappeared shortly after birth and her father had been missing for a year, so she was primarily raised by her brother, Blaze, and other helpful Orizore neighbors of hers. She started her education at age 3 and began flying lessons at age 4, both of which she excelled at.
However, she had begun to alert her brother to things which he could not see, such as white-eyed lions walking in front of them in the market and abandoned fedoras which were invisible to others. Though her brother was concerned, she still remained the little sister he had always known, and so Blaze put it off as not important.. until it was.

There is, of course, a LOT more to the story; however, writing more on the topic would lead us into spoiler zone for those who are part of the roleplays Shade’s in. These things will be revealed eventually, but right now I’d prefer not to share them in case any Captureders happen to check out this page.

groups Social
Languages spoken

Kekeron language
Adaptive language

Job - What job does Shade have?

Good question. 😉

Favorite color - What is Shade’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Shade’s favorite food?

Filled donut

Favorite possession - What is Shade’s favorite possession?

Shade doesn’t have many possessions other than her Kekeron shock collar, which doesn’t need to be explained as highly disliked.

Favorite animal - What is Shade’s favorite animal?

Reesflon chooi bird

Favorite weapon or fighting style

Shade often uses her horn during combat, as do most other smaller orizore.

What they’d do in a marching band


**Note to self: I know she seems like a no-holds-barred shout-for-the-world trumpet, (Parker), but I think her lighter & daintier qualities (like her love for flower picking) qualifies her well for guard as well

star Pokémon
device_hub Family
Other relatives

Dark (WIP) - Adoptive uncle

Notes on family members

Sound, Ice, and Frost are all her adopted relatives, Blaze is the only one of true relation. You can look at the Backstory section of Sound’s page for details.

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Theme songs

Little Fang by Avey Tare
Believer by Imagine Dragons
Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons
No Money by Galantis
Faded by Alan Walker

Other notes

I have a LOT of private notes here, but y'all aren't supposed to see those yet. :)

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