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Name - What is Kekeron shock collar’s full name?

Kekeron shock collar

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Description - Describe Kekeron shock collar.

To keep the scientists’ subjects in check, each animal in Kekeron has been suited with a unique shock collar unable to be removed by regular means. These shock collars have the ability to, as said in their name, shock the bearer when a certain button is pressed on the control remotes the scientists hold and is pointed at them. Different species may have varying types of collars.

redeem Looks
Materials - What is Kekeron shock collar made out of?

  • Metal (exterior)

  • Copper wires and a battery (shock components)

  • An infrared sensor (for communication with the employee control remotes)

  • Plastic containers for LED lights (light up when being shocked)

  • ???


Cats, dogs, bilbies, and other generic mammals and rodents: Standard shock collar.
Birds and other winged creatures: Smaller, with less potent shocks, but with built-in automatic parachutes in the back in the event that one flies too high and gets shocked.

Weight - How much does Kekeron shock collar weigh?

Depends on the animal. They’re usually a bit heavy, but nothing that can’t be managed.

flash_on Abilities
Technical abilities

The Kekeron shock collars can interpret signals from the employees’ hand remotes and send out a shock to whoever is wearing the collar through an activated circuit.
For winged animals, it will automatically give a shock if one is to fly too high, but it does have a built-in parachute to at least ensure a few bones aren’t broken.
They may have some hidden capabilities undiscovered by the animals in the roleplay.

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