The Clikor Evolution

Historically, the Clikor (as well as the Volcanum) have grown to live in three different zones on the flank of volcanoes, never on the inside. The first zone is the subalpines, where the native Clikor have the thickest fur and brightest glowspecks. Most explorers and messengers are of this race due to their resistance to the cold the dying sun brings. There are very few heat vents and lava springs in the subalpines, which means that food is harder to find and must be imported in from the higher zones. There are very little alpine crops that can actually grow here, though a select few thrive in the cold conditions the subalpines are known for. Most Destrians in these areas live in huge, packed villages, where many Clikor and Volcanum live together so everyone’s needs are taken care of. The subalpines can reach subzero temperatures in the wintertime; prices for village lava heat supply rises as fast as the temperatures drop in the months leading up to Destrumes’s coldest season.

The second zone is the midalpines, which carries the highest population on average due to its cheerful temperatures, sunny skies, and lack of safety hazards that living higher up on the volcanoes is known to bring. 

The third zone has never been able to settle on one name; state officials call it the alpines, volcanologists dub it the heat zone; school textbooks call it the volcano’s crest, while citizens... well, cirizens never know what to timk.


Heat sone

Mullum: previously aquatic
Hold breath underwater
Semiwebbed claws (like Quaquaval or Cyclizar)
Their tail was like a tadpole’s and was strong; could hurt predators