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Name - What is Spirit’s full name?


Other names - What other aliases does Spirit go by?

The Unknown One
Speak Not-Speak


Lateopardus (Noxpex's natural iteration of the leopard; most have the power to shapeshift into one or two other forms.)

Gender - What is Spirit’s gender?


Age - How old is Spirit?

Unknown; she’s traveled through time and space and has been left alone in a timeless world, nobody could guess how old she is now

Role in story


face Looks
Height - How tall is Spirit?

2’5” (Leopard/Lateopardus)
1’11” (Falcon)
30’5 (Giant serpent)
Varying (other)

Weight - How much does Spirit weigh?

74 lbs (Leopard/Lateopardus)
2.7 lbs (Falcon)
3 tons (Giant serpent)
Varying (other)

Race - What is Spirit’s race?


Hair/Fur color

Carolina blue and royal purple

Hair/Fur style

In leopard and lateopardus form, Spirit has a blue main coat and purplish-indigo spots. She has a lighter blue underbelly.
In falcon form, Spirit is still blue, but her purple spots are now highlights around her eyes and wings.
In giant serpent form, her scales are a rippling mixture of the two.

Eye color - What is Spirit’s eye color?

Strawberry red

Skin tone or fur patterns

As mentioned above, in all of her forms Spirit has a carolina blue base fur/scale/body color in all of her forms and royal purple or indigo markings. In some forms, her chest orb and its harness may meld into her body, though she takes great care to keep her fedora a separate part of her whenever she transforms.

Body type

Spirit has a unique metal harness on her chest bearing a glowing blue orb, which fits over and into her heart. Fiery strands flow outwards from it and towards the rest of her body — these strands are intangible like smoke and cannot be interacted with at all.

Physical structure

Quadrupedal (Lateopardus)
Varying (other forms)

Blood type

Warm-blooded (Lateopardus)
Varying (other forms)

Powers or abilities

Shooting beams of orb power from her chest as an attack

Shapeshifting (restricted in places outside of her homeworld, Grayvoid, and Orbus due to her harness)

Limited adaptive abilities
Conjuring fiery and bright portals
Manipulation of shape in others

Identifying features

  • Metal harness bearing an orb

  • Sleek black fedora

  • Blue and purple markings

  • Shapeshifting abilities

  • Nora sense

  • Nora-related abilities

fingerprint Nature
Personality type (Myers-Briggs)

Spirit is an extraverted Lateopardus of the chaotic neutral alignment.

Flaws - What flaws does Spirit have?

Spirit has a quick temper and makes quick decisions, both of which are qualities which can land her in trouble. She is much more emotional than one would realize, despite not showing it on the outside. Spirit often regrets her actions and words after she’s said or done them.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Spirit have?

Spirit is quite sarcastic and bossy to others, which can cause her to be disliked. However, her fierce loyalty to her friends and military expertise makes up for this in the minds of others.


Having company
Having time to herself
Having free time
Being able to do her own thing
Being able to shapeshift
Lions and other wild cats
Snakes and serpents


Being alone
Being around characters she doesn’t know
Being overworked
Being bossed around
Having her shapeshifting restricted (something she hates about her orb)
Other Lateopardus
The Noanimal
Skeletons and skulls

Prejudices - What prejudices does Spirit have?

Spirit dislikes other Lateopardus, likely because they remind her of Soul and her past.
She also looks down upon humans and is oblivious to their intelligence.


Spirit protects first and foremost her friends and others can come after. Though her morals are different than those of Dey and Night, she still tags along on everything, even on the missions which she considers silly. Her primary goal is to get rid of the Noanimal and the problems he has caused.

Mental or emotional conditions

After an injury which punctured her heart, Spirit had to be fitted with her harness, which holds an orb that takes basic place of the breaks in her heart and keeps her alive.

Talents - What talents does Spirit have?

Spirit has the regular Lateopardus power to shapeshift into three separate forms; however, her orb restricts this power when in the main dimension and not in alternates like Orbus and Noxpex. Her three forms are that of a leopard (as with all Lateopardus), that of a falcon, and that of a giant serpent.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Spirit have?

Spirit likes to spar fight with others and play her planet’s form of Dominos.

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date_range History
Birthday - When is Spirit’s birthday?

June 17th

Current residence



Full Noxpex education for her age, left the planet around the mental age of 16

Background - What is Spirit’s background?


groups Social
Languages spoken

Adaptive language

Occupation - What is Spirit’s occupation?


Job - What job does Spirit have?

Space shifter

Favorite color - What is Spirit’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Spirit’s favorite food?

Fish and chips

Favorite possession - What is Spirit’s favorite possession?

Her fedora, which she got as a birthday present as a child

Favorite animal - What is Spirit’s favorite animal?

Giant serpent

Favorite weapon or fighting style


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Notes on family members

Ohh, she WAS in love once... but such a tale is restricted to her ever-so-secret backstory. What a shame.

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Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

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There are some private notes here, but you're not supposed to see them, of course.

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