info Overview
Name - What is Galahad Wiergils’s full name?

Galahad Wiergils

Age - How old is Galahad Wiergils?


Gender - What is Galahad Wiergils’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Galahad Wiergils go by?

The Great Wizard, Galley (annoying pet name when anyone but his siblings say it)

Role - What is Galahad Wiergils’s role in your story?


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Facial Hair - What facial hair does Galahad Wiergils have?


Hair Style - How does Galahad Wiergils style their hair?

Buzz cut

Hair Color - What color is Galahad Wiergils’s hair?


Height - How tall is Galahad Wiergils?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Galahad Wiergils have?

Scar from right temple to near right eye, caused from a magic bolt gone awry.

Weight - How much does Galahad Wiergils weigh?

168 lbs

Body Type


Face: round eyes, oval face, strong jaw, large nose, unconnected earlobes

Shoulders and arms: Medium build, lightly muscled arms, strong hands, thick fingers, short fingernails

Torso: Medium chest, "flat" stomach (looks flat when he is standing)

Legs: Thick legs, big feet

Skin Tone


Race - What is Galahad Wiergils’s race?


Eye Color - What is Galahad Wiergils’s eye color?

Chestnut brown

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Prejudices - What prejudices does Galahad Wiergils have?

Hates world leaders (especially the Emperor of Prominence) because they were the ones who drove his family into hiding.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Galahad Wiergils have?

Occasionally touches his scar, feeling the texture of the skin. It's a strange, tactile sensation that he can't explain.

Straightens his robes to maintain a constant look of formality.

Motivations - What motivates Galahad Wiergils most?

Power, being able to live around people that aren't afraid of his powers, the best interests of magic users.

Flaws - What flaws does Galahad Wiergils have?

Control freak, needs to have everything in place to his specifications. Otherwise, he gets quite flustered (red in the face, sputtering, the whole works). Many a time, he actually needed to be physically dragged along by his more spontaneous companions.

Talents - What talents does Galahad Wiergils have?

Animus magic, oratory

Hobbies - What hobbies does Galahad Wiergils have?

Needlework (knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc.)

Magical abilities

groups Social
Favorite color - What is Galahad Wiergils’s favorite color?


Favorite animal - What is Galahad Wiergils’s favorite animal?


Favorite weapon - What is Galahad Wiergils’s favorite weapon?

Enchanted Pistol (Grimoire)

Favorite possession - What is Galahad Wiergils’s favorite possession?

Gold Wristband, gifted to him by Yama.

Favorite food - What is Galahad Wiergils’s favorite food?


Occupation - What is Galahad Wiergils’s occupation?

Clothing designer, marries design with magic.

Politics - What politics does Galahad Wiergils have?

Feels that magic-users should lead the world, they are the rarest and the most powerful. He shouldn't have to live in fear when his kind have the power to destroy the world.

info History
Birthday - When is Galahad Wiergils’s birthday?

February 18th

Background - What is Galahad Wiergils’s background?

He used to live in the city of Mordaria with his siblings, though they were exposed as magic users when one of their neighbors betrayed them. They were driven out, and were forced to make their home in the dense forests a few days north. He resents those without magic, as he simply wanted to continue his business as a clothing designer. His business was destroyed, and he and his family live in hiding.

Education - What is Galahad Wiergils’s level of education?

Went to school until he was 16, then left to learn his parents' trade. His siblings completed their schooling and were holding down other jobs within the family business.

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edit Notes

Being an animus means that a person could enchant any object with a word. Those objects can do anything, but the amount of objects is limited, An animus can't enchant any celestial body, massive or microscopic objects, and only extremely powerful animus users can enchant living things. It's easier to do with plants, but the more complex an animal is, the harder it is to enchant them.

Galahad can enchant trees and small animals like rats, foxes, and insects. Most enchantments are small, and last for only a few days, though the length can be adjusted.

One of his favorite hobbies is needlework, and he can work quickly with enchanted needles. He can then enchant them to do whatever he wishes, and the more permanent ones require a lot of energy. His siblings (who don't have magic, but escaped with him) are on standby with food and water whenever a big enchantment happens.

Galahad lived in Mordaria, and he was the only child out of three that could use magic. His parents, realizing the danger they were in, decided to try and prevent Galahad from ever exposing his magic. At times, he felt ashamed of what he could do. He spent his life learning from his parents the tools of the trade, specifically leatherwork from his father and patchwork from his mother. When he was 18, he decided to create his own business with the support of his siblings. He would design clothing, and they would help with both the grunt labor and upkeep of a small shop on a street corner a few blocks from their house.

When Galahad (known as Galley by his family) was 23, a neighbor spotted him through a window using a floating lint roller to clean up before heading to work. That neighbor thought he was half-asleep still, and thought nothing of it until the next day. Galahad was in a different spot this time, but there he was, lint roller cleaning his (quite fancy) robes before work. The neighbor found the nearest guard and told him what they saw.

Within the hour, Galahad and his family were surrounded (albeit in separate places) by guards. Magic was highly illegal in pretty much every human settlement, and they didn't even try to question them before detaining and placing them in jail. If you were even suspected of having magic, the consequences would be severe. Anyone who did use magic was executed without warning, just to keep them on their toes. Galahad freed them by creating an opening in the cell in the dead of night. Galahad then woke his siblings, packed everything they could, and sent a magical missive to their parents. They were out visiting distant relatives, and the message warned them that it wasn't safe to go back. A few more messages in the following days reassured them that their children were safe, but they would never be able to reenter the public eye.

Cut to five years later, when Galahad and his siblings were living in the dense forests a few days north from Mordaria. His business was lost, but they survived through hunting and gathering. During that time, he honed both his trade and his magical abilities to the point where he could enchant larger objects and small creatures. Permanent enchantments weren't as exhausting, and he outfitted both himself and his family with magically-charged articles of clothing.

During that time, he began to stew in what it meant to be an Animus in this day and age. He was getting better. He could protect more people. He could stop wyverns and dragons with his magic, so why were humans so hell-bent on keeping people like him down?! They could rule the world! Magic users would be at the top of the food chain, the ruling class! People without magic shouldn't be able to decide who could and couldn't live among everyone else! HE should be their leader! Yeah... he could picture it in his mind. He would sit atop the king's throne, loved and feared by all. He would make magic users have special privileges, and use their powers to benefit everyone! Better infrastructure, better clothes, weapons, food!

The only problem was, everyone was so pigheaded that he could never just "take over." They'd revolt, and he didn't want to kill more than he had to. The day eventually came when a massive dragon landed on his front stoop, and a woman and what looked like some amalgam of the two landed nearby. They said that war was coming between humans, dragons, and wyverns, and they wanted to put a stop to it. They said they needed magic users like him, someone that could help scare everyone into not fighting. Intimidating each side would help them stop long enough to negotiate, and then the war wouldn't ravage the continent.

Yes... This was the opportunity that he needed!

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