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A gunpowder-charged pile bunker. Can bring down castle walls.

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Pile Bunker

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The piston is driven by a gunpowder charge, stops short of flying out due to wide stop at the end. However, that stop can be collapsed into the piston for a ranged attack. It needs to be collected again before it can be used, though.

Materials - What is Kilahuea made out of?

Hardened steel spike, plated "gauntlet" with leather straps and a wrapped handle.

Weight - How much does Kilahuea weigh?

~40 lbs


The piston is housed in a casing that connects to a set of straps. There is a strap for the arm and a handle to hold onto, can be put on either arm. The piston is a very large spike, and the powder charge is specifically measured out so that it won't break upon use.

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Can be recalled to and from the Hoard at any time.

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The Kilahuea was made as a precautionary tool. There may be a time where Earthbending isn't enough to pierce something, whether it be scales or some human-made contraption. There were times where Yama thought his weapon building habit was getting a bit out of control, but then he realized that he had too much fun using them to stop. It was obsessive, but it worked.

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